a group of runners performing core strength exercises in a park

Core strength for running

Core strength is an essential component of your training. A strong core not only enhances your running performance but also helps prevent injuries and improves overall stability. Add these four simple, beginner-friendly core exercises from our strength and conditioning partners Soar to your running strength training to strengthen your trunk and elevate your running experience. You can learn more about the team at Soar here

Exercise 1 – Hollow Hold

-Drive lower back into the floor
-Peel head and shoulders blades off the floor

Too hard?:
-Bend the knees (shorter lever)

Too easy?:
-Extend the arms overhead (longer lever)

Exercise 2 – Side Plank


-Extend Hips
-Split stance (top leg in front)
-Stay in a straight line head to heel

Too hard?:

-Bend your knees (shorter lever)
-Raise your torso and place forearm onto a bench

Too easy?:

-Place some weight on top of your Hip
-Increase time holding

Exercise 3 – Bird Dogs

-Engage core throughout
-Extend limbs fully

Too hard?:
-Remove the arm movement
-Change to an isometric hold

Too easy?:
-Utilise ankle and wrist weights
-Add reps

Want a test?:
-Try balancing a ball or foam roller on your back throughout your set

Exercise 4 – Glute Bridge

-Stay on heels
-Drive Hips to ceiling

Too hard?:
-Do an isometric hold in full Hip Extension

Too easy?:
-Swap to single leg
-Add reps, time under tension or load

Did you find any of these exercises useful?

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