Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Why it pays to run with others

Bored of running solo? It’s time to feel the benefits of group therapy Running used to be seen as a largely solo activity. In the...

Run for the hills!

Do your legs need some extra strength? Are your runs on the flat just a little dull? Then welcome some hills in to your...

How to run a great half marathon

The half marathon is a great distance. It’s long enough to be a stamina stretch but doesn’t require the extra training demands of a...

Back On Track

Running tracks. They’re the reserve of speedsters and the spike-wearing brigade, right? Wrong. Alongside the lycra-clad elites are plenty of normal runners a lot...

How to Run Faster: 3 Exercises to Develop Speed

I share lots of information to help you run without injuries and get more from your training. Something I'm often asked about is how...

Mo Farah’s Running Form: Learn How to Run Faster

I’ve been meaning to make this video about Mo Farah's running style for a long time! What is it about Mo Farah's running technique...

The 10 things to do a month before your marathon

It’s nearly spring marathon time, with Brighton Marathon and London Marathon (amongst many others) just round the corner; your training should be full steam ahead...

Five steps to a successful return to running after illness by Dr Juliet.

Spring race targets are fast approaching. Whatever distance you’re training for it’s likely your plans are starting to crank up a gear with runs...

How do we find balance between training hard and recovery?

For many of us, February can be a really tough month, particularly if we are training for an endurance event like a Spring marathon....