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Bursting For a Wee Run. Bladder Weakness by Dr Juliet.

You’d think that something that affects 1 in 4 women and makes running difficult would appear more often on the UKRunChat Twitter and Facebook...

Advice for @sportygirl_85

Runners Knee Advice

Scarpa Proton trail shoe review.

The world of ultra running is exploding and with it, an amazing selection of kit designed for taking you over the distance in...

Tired all the Time

One of the commonest complaints I see as a GP is that of fatigue; people just feeling tired all the time. Invariably the person...

Breathe light to breathe right

It should be easy really. We take air into the body to oxygenate muscles and organs, then we breathe out all of that nasty...

Our 1st Friday Night Live, Facebook Q&A with James Dunne

Our 1st Friday Night Live, Facebook Q&A was last week, the 5th of May with the fantastic James Dunne of Kinetic Revolution. Check...

Pre-Marathon Nutrition

Next stop London... The London marathon is the ultimate goal for many runners and at 26 miles 385 yards there is no doubt there is...

Three Ankle Exercises & SKINS Giveaway

In this video, I’m going to show you three exercises you can use to strengthen weak ankles, each of which require no equipment at...

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