Bamboo Clothing:

Items: Socks; Long leggings; Long sleeve base layer; short sleeve tee; crop vest top.

First impressions: not running attire, it appeared to be like what Mums who’ve dropped their wee ones off at school and are about to head to the gym for a coffee. I wasn’t convinced it was going to live up to my levels of training currently. The colours on the top were nice though, really do love the blue, white and turquoise swirls. I was fearful that the leggings would also show my pants underneath.

The leggings were excellent, so supportive and almost light compression-esque. Which I was grateful for after my most recent event (a 10 mile road race), I was slightly achy. A few compliments how it made my bum look in them (always a bonus!) and not see-through that you could see my pants. Definitely moisture wicking which is something I was concerned about given the material type and as above first impressions. One slight negative, they are long – I’m 5ft 2 so perhaps a long long and a short long legging. Another suggestion, potential for a pocket to hold a key, doesn’t have to be zipped one but just something that could be added to the waistband because I had nowhere to stick my car key.

The top (short sleeved tee) was so comfortable, the material for both items is extremely soft, I loved it. The capped sleeves too were just right. This also applies to the base layer, it is August so I have struggled to wear this a lot but it’s soft material yet firm elasticity is perfect for that added support and comfort when running/riding. This is something I would consider using a lot more when the mornings/evenings start turning colder and I want to get out for an autumnal ride on my bike and need that extra coverage.

The crop top: I’m not one for wearing these as a rule, as I am conscious of the support I require in the bust area, being of the larger size. I found this item was excellent for gym work or out on the bike but it isn’t something I would use for the run as I need to pretty much tie them down these days. However, the material is soft and would be perfect for someone who does use these as a go to item. For a little more support I would suggest opting for a smaller size than your go to default.

The socks: I loved these and could live in them, they were like silk going on and still felt dry after a hard run. They didn’t slip or move and kept their elasticity. I cannot say anything more than these socks are so, so, good!

Overall, I’m really impressed with this brand of clothing, its supportive, moisture wicking and definitely climate control – I was surprised that I could wear this stuff in August and not overheat. When I sweated the kit up, it didn’t get heavy and was definitely de-odourising (I really am a heavy sweater!) to the point that after a run, I was invited for a coffee and I had no objections to turning up in this gear instead of going home to change as it’s a bit more fashionable than some kit out there. In terms of keeping its shape and style after lots of washing, I cannot fault it here either. It retains its shape, elasticity and still looks good.

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Review by @firsthurdle