How Clean Is The Air On Your Run?

Before a run, you’ll probably have decided on your planned distance, route and pace. But what if we told you that there was something even more important that you should consider?

The latest medical research is showing that air pollution is particularly damaging to our health when we are exercising, so it is important you plan a route that avoids bad air and take care to look after your lungs and heart. By avoiding pollution – you will also find that your exercise will be more enjoyable and you will find it easier to keep up the pace! Let us introduce you to CleanSpace – to help you see the air you are breathing and to plan a route with cleaner air. The CleanSpace Tag is a personal air pollution sensor that measures the pollution in the air 24/7. It’s really light, can easily slip into your pocket and will give you real-time air pollution readings on your smartphone while you’re out and about. You never need to charge it or plug it in as its powered by our revolutionary Freevolt technology – just pair it to your phone and you’re all set.

You can buy a CleanSpace Tag here:

Keeping your lungs happy may well be what you need to help you set a new personal best. But for some extra motivation, the CleanSpace App rewards you for running too! The Rewards come from a range of online and high street retailers who share a vision for a world with clean air – all you need to do is join our community and track your run in the App to begin reaping the benefits.

You can download the free CleanSpace App from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Feel free to tweet @CleanSpace if you have any questions.

Review by Nicola Jennings

After receiving the CleanSpace tag I downloaded the android app and activated the tag immediately. the activation was very quick and simple – just a quick button press. The app is user friendly, visually appealing and it is very easy to access any rewards you may accumulate. However, I do find that the app does drain my battery quite quickly. I now have to charge my new phone, twice a day.

I have been using the CleanSpace tag for over 2 weeks now and so far I have accumulated 520 clean miles which means I have reached Gold status. I have yet to claim my free coffee rewards but I have claimed my free bike lock and water bottle from Halfords and my BlueFrog sports towel.

The clean air data I have received over the past few weeks has been fascinating. I have identified the times and places in which I have encountered particularly high levels of carbon monoxide. Thankfully this has not been on any of my running routes. However, I have identified high pollution areas in which I do spend a lot of time. This has meant I have changed my usual routine.

Overall, I like the tag and the data received. I am not sure if it is a long term requirement as running routes don’t tend to alter too much over time and the app does impact on phone battery life. For a science geek, it’s a thumbs up from me.

Katie Mawdsley

review by Katie Mawdsley

I have had the clean space app for a few weeks now, but have only recently paired the app to the tag, as it took me a while to find the way to do it!

I like the concept of tracking miles ran/walked/cycled and being rewarding for making the choice not to drive.  The rewards are unlocked the more miles you build up.  There are also bonus and offers which are tiered,  again to how many miles you accumulate. I have yet to use any of these but they look good and are aimed at runners/cyclists. I was unable to use the free UpperCrust coffee reward as there isn’t one in my town unfortunately.

The app shows the air pollution around you and your journeys travelled, with the option of turning the tracking off. I have found I’ve had to do this when I know I’m not walking/running as it uses the battery being on all the time, and Iphones are not the best at battery life!

I ran a 20 mile race and as it was a different town I made sure the tracking was on to see what the air was like there and also to add to my miles, but for whatever reason the app did not track any of my miles, or at all for that week.  On checking it has not tracked part of the previous week and has my total miles as 18, when I’ve actually run 60+ while having it.

I’ve found it really interesting and am looking forward to seeing what my personal air space is like now I have set up the tag, I just hope the app starts to track my miles properly or I won’t be able to take advantage of the great rewards.