When I first received my On Running Cloud surfers I was amazed by lightness and feel when I first put them on. Yes they do look odd to begin with but they do feel comfy and fast. I had heard via twitter that they take a bit of time to get used to but as a forefoot runner I found that this was not such an issue for me and started using them straight out the box on a 10km training run. There is a large step at the back which, if you were a heal striker would take some getting used to. I think this is where the comment about needing to get used to them comes from.

Their style and looks make them not look out of place in the fashion shoe market but with all the practicality of a good proper running shoe. I’ve used it for several speed sessions on the dreadmill in my local gym with lots of my friends asking what they were and showing a real interest.

Since I started using them I cannot get over how comfy they feel, they are very lightweight (240g) and very soft to the touch. Because of this I was worried that they may not last. I decided to put them through their paces and wore them to work (I’m a PE Teacher) for 2 weeks. They look a lot dirtier than they were but show very little wear on the underside and tops.

The only downside I have found to them personally is due to their unique cushioning system. The idea of the loops (for a better word) dissipating the shock and reducing the force of the ground strike works very well but It does squeak if you use them in the wet, it is however more noticeable walking than running.

Some reviews have mentioned that they are not good in the mud. I have used them in muddy conditions and found the loops still worked and they were fairly grippy. I would love to see if they could create a trail shoe as I think it would be great to try!

I can currently deciding if I want to keep them as my main shoes for the Triathlons I have coming up as the pull tab on the heal, big tongue and weight would lend nicely to a quick transition shoe. I was not surprised to hear the director of On Running was a triathlete.

Are they worth trying, YES will they suit everyone NO but I think you should try them on a treadmill in your local shop before you count them out, you may be pleasantly surprised. My biggest issues is as I’m currently injured I cannot get out and run in them!