The 2016 London Marathon takes place on April 24th at 10am.Useful Links:

All the info you could need: VLM Runner Information
Spectator Info:

If you’re free in London on Thursday 21st you may be interested in this:

View the other #ukrunchat runners numbers for London Marathon here: Ukrunchat London Marathon Runners.

Track your runner

Keep track of your favourite runners, whether they are your friends, family or elite runners, on our live tracking page (which will appear on the homepage) on Race Day. You can search by surname or running number and follow your runner(s) as they make their way around the course (updates will appear as they cross the timing points, which are at 5km intervals). The page will also show an estimate of the runner’s location based on pace.

I will be organising a get together at the expo; a dinner on Saturday night for for a good pre-marathon carb load & we will have a ukrunchat cheer point.  Details coming soon.