Lesley Patterson, Core & fitness coach, will provide a fast-moving set of 6-minute workouts to provide a daily fix of high intensity fitness training.

The team at endurance sports TV have launched a new training section on the channel aimed at developing runners, partnering with two of the world’s leading coaches providing structured workouts from:

  • Erin Carson, strength and conditioning coach, technical sessions ideally suited to endurance sports training.
  • Lesley Patterson, Core & fitness coach, a fast-moving set of 6-minute workouts to provide a daily fix of high intensity fitness training.

The new content will support all endurance athletes with high intensity fitness activities and an in-depth strength and mobility program, giving subscribers an opportunity to train like world champions at the top of their sport.

The move into training content, which will sit alongside the channel’s original documentaries and race coverage, adds over 30 hours of content for athletes and fans to enjoy, taking the online TV channel from a pure entertainment space, into a new area supporting endurance fans’ physical development.

New training content will be released regularly covering wider ranges of subjects with running agility, mobility and yoga content planned for the new year. “It is great to be working with Erin and Lesley, they are each expert’s in their fields. The ongoing development that we are doing in fitness training is so exciting,” says Peter Tomlinson, the founder of endurance sports TV.

Erin has been a certified strength and conditioning specialist since 1996 working with some of endurance sports biggest names including Cat Bradley (Winner of Western States 100) and Kara Goucher (2 time Olympian and World Championships 10k Silver Medallist). Her performance-based training aims to develop all athletes to reach their potential. “Whatever your goal, it’s not always about training harder, but training smarter – and that’s where we come in,” says Erin.

“I’m proud to be working with endurance sports TV to share my training philosophies and techniques in both short and long video formats with the hope that many more people around the world will exceed their expectations of health and sport performance.”

When it comes to time saving core workouts, Lesley Patterson has written the book on delivering a high energy, intensive programme through her 6-minute 6-pack programme. “We use 36 different exercises to target functional core muscle groups, with each workout lasting just 6 minutes – so there’s no excuse about fitting it into your day.”

The launch of the new training content on endurance sports TV will be delivering over $300 per year worth of training content, all provided at no additional cost for those engaging with the channel.

“We are always looking for new ways to add value to the lives of those who love endurance sports in all its forms,” adds Peter Tomlinson from endurance sports TV. “Beyond our documentaries, race coverage and original content to inspire fans – we are now delivering training resources to help prepare our fans for their next challenge.”

Giving maximum access to enjoy this latest addition an end of year promotion to subscribe for a year at £29.99 ($39.99) is now available.

To find this and over 350 hours of training programmes, racing, documentaries, and interviews visit www.endurancesports.tv