Monica crouches in a field, smiling. She is wearing black t-shirt, cap and shorts. and trainers.
Credit: S Bowles Marketing

The quickest time to move 5 MILLION STEPS. That’s the challenge former Team GB ice hockey player Monica Petrosino from Bedfordshire is embarking on. To achieve this mission, Monica has been walking and running a staggering 40,000 to 50,000 steps every day since 1st September.

Let’s break that down. With the national average step count predicted to be in the region of 5,000 steps per day, Monica will be doing up to TEN TIMES the national average each day! Monica hopes to break the record for the fastest time to move 5 million steps. The motivation behind this event is to raise awareness and funds for Ehlers-Danlos Support UK, a charity close to Monica’s heart. Monica is diagnosed with Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and it has impacted her life in many ways.

So what is Ehlers-Danlos syndrome? It is a group of genetic disorders that affect your connective tissues — primarily your skin, joints and blood vessel walls. Connective tissue is a complex mixture of proteins and other substances that provide strength and elasticity to the underlying structures in your body. Due to the global effect the condition can have on your body, it can literally affect every body system. For Monica, the worst parts affected is her digestive system and joints.

Despite having this lifelong genetic condition, Monica continues to inspire those around her with her continued motivation to raise awareness for Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. After just 23 days Monica had hit a monumental milestone of 1 million steps. She has now passed the 2.5 million half way point of her challenge.

You can follow Monica’s progress on her Instagram account @monicapetrosinopt or website