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The Auro app offers over 600+ on-demand fitness classes and training plans, all guided by expert personal trainers. Choose from a range of home, outdoor and gym workouts, tailored to your fitness goal and level; including treadmill, outdoor runs, HIIT, spin, yoga, meditation and more!

They also have structured training plans for every goal from jogging your first mile all the way to training for a half or losing weight. For your runs, you can track all your metrics within the app including pace, distance, calories, time splits and the route you took.

Other amazing features include pairing your smartwatch or heart-rate monitor to track your metrics in real-time and run to top chart music or your own music via Spotify, Amazon or Apple music.

Love a challenge? You can compete with friends in virtual challenges so you can smash your PB every time!

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Reviews from Auro users:

“I loved it! Having a trainer in my ear really upped my performance.” – Matt, Manchester

“I absolutely love the app and I’m not sure I will return to my running club! My running has improved so much with Auro..” – Rachel, London