A camera man on a motobike pursues a pro Tour de France rider
© A.S.O. / Charly Lopez

21 stages in full, 110 hours of live coverage and a warm up on Netflix

You will not miss a thing. For the last six years, all the stages of the Tour de France are fully produced. The images produced by France Télévisions are made available to 100 channels in 190 countries throughout the world, of which 60 broadcast them live. In total, the devotees of the Tour will have the opportunity to spend almost 110 hours watching the race. In addition, there are also programmes featuring interviews, analysis, summaries, replays and other bonuses that can be accessed on the many broadcasters’ platforms.

The Tour de France is a race that must be prepared for with the utmost seriousness, obviously for the riders, but also for the race’s enthusiasts, who this year will have the opportunity to relive the 2022 edition and watch unseen footage in the documentary series: “Tour de France: Unchained”, available on Netflix since 8th June.

Team Radio: plug your headphones in

Every cycling fan dreams of being in a team car, alongside the sporting directors giving out instructions, preparing strategies, encouraging their riders or pushing them to do better. This dream can partially come true, thanks to the “Team Radio” scheme, which will give partial access to the conversations between the elite riders and their managers for a large number of teams. Specifically, so as not to unveil the plans cooked up in the secrecy of team meetings, a group of moderators will select pre-recorded extracts to be broadcast, allowing new ways to understand the race and to enjoy it up close and personal with those involved at its heart.

TikTok on the Tour

The galaxy of the Tour de France’s social networks is expanding this year, with TikTok becoming an official supplier for the first time, with the aim of especially focusing on what goas on around the event and highlighting the creativity shown by fans of the Tour, through quirky content published on the official account (with its more than 320,000 fans) and brought together on a special hub. A TikTok caravan will be specially created to go and meet the spectators of the Tour de France.

In the club, and why not in a car?

Almost 400,000 members have already joined for free the Tour de France Club since it was created in 2021 and many of them have already started forming their team to try their luck on the Fantasy Tour by Tissot. Like last year, they will be able to listen to Radio Tour as well as, if they so wish, tackling the route and download the official tracks provided by the former riders who have helped to design the stages. For the first time, they will also have the opportunity to win a place in the “Fan Car” which will drive along the route ahead of the riders. They can also access the Race Center, which will take on an interactive dimension with the introduction of quizzes and surveys allowing them to win Tour de France prizes. Visit the official website www.letour.fr and the official Tour de France mobile application to find out more about the Club!

Coming to see the Tour

Screens are not the only way to watch the Tour de France and the race’s fans are well aware of this, because each year millions of them come to the roadside to encourage the riders and take advantage of one or more days celebrating cycling. Many initiatives are organised to facilitate transporting these spectators and to limit their carbon footprint, starting with promotion of car-sharing thanks to a dedicated platform on the official web site (www.letour.fr/en/come-by-car-sharing). For fans who want to travel to a stage finish by bike, secure bike parks will be installed each day, whilst drivers who use the Waze app can take advantage of special routes that take into consideration traffic restrictions in real-time. Lastly, in order to encourage use of public transport, the SNCF will be proposing reduced fares, for example with its TER illico Promo Tour de France tickets in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, 40% cheaper than the normal fare and free for passengers under 12 years old.

All the advice you need on how to get there and discover the cultural heritage of the Tour’s routes can be found at www.letour.fr