Introducing Kinni – a workout planner that connects to smart apps, and is designed not only for Noble Pro treadmill users, but for anyone in the running community.

Connect to smart apps

Working within the fitness, and specifically running, industry for the last decade has led the founders at NoblePro to create the Kinni app. The app was originally designed for treadmill users within the NoblePro community to connect its treadmills to smart apps, giving people access to a world of different options instead of subscribing people onto their own software only. Noble Pro quickly realised that they needed to add more features and reach more runners within the running community outside of their own customers.

Feedback from the running community was that most runners like to use multiple devices to track their training, most work within structured training plans and workouts, and many runners enjoy both outdoor and indoor training. We runners also like the stats and data to immerse ourselves post run! Kinni has some brilliant features in the current app, but is also keen to keep building and adding great features for runners.

Create and customise workouts

Noble Pro have worked with industry leading athletes and coaches to create a workout library that will become the foundation of your running plans. Each workout is designed to challenge you at different stages of your training, but you are also able to edit and customise any one of the workouts in the app to suit your individual pace or distance. If you do this during the run, it will automatically change the whole workout. This means you can run your workout in the gym, on your treadmill at home, on the track or out on the roads.

Run your custom workout indoor or outdoors, and connect to any BLE heart rate monitor or foot pod. To help motivate and coach you through your training session, fully customisable voice prompts guide you through each split and training block. Remind yourself of split changes, add motivation or work on posture and breathing. You now have the ability to totally customise workouts, library sessions or voice prompts to personalise your training to reach your goals.

Share your workouts easily

You have the ability to auto sync with TrainingPeaks and Strava, or create FIT Files, to share your sessions with others. Zwift and other Bluetooth apps have flourished in lockdown and created wonderful platforms for runners and communities. FitCast acts like a bridge between your devices and Zwift (or other apps). This allows you to use a non FTMS treadmill to work with Zwift, Rouvy, BitGym and Peloton. At the same time you can run custom workouts using Kinni and let FitCast send the data to these apps. There is a whole range of workout plans for beginner, intermediate and advanced runners. These match the workouts in the library so that you can access, edit and run them at your own pace.

Go to the website to check if your device connects.

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