It’s been six years now since I first set up Run Mummy Run, an online running community that has grown from three members to over 60,000 female runners! Our mission is to encourage women to be the healthiest, fittest and happiest version of themselves.

In order for me to help empower other women to be their best selves, it’s really important that I treat myself with the same kindness. This means making time in my day to do those things that make me feel more, well, ‘me’.

Run Mummy Run is a full-time job; managing staff, deciding on and designing kit for the shop, planning events, working with brands, engaging with the community, answering emails… the list goes on. Plus, I have two wonderful, active boys and a hard-working husband, so there’s also the usual cycle of housework, cooking, and washing of dirty football kits to fit in!

One of the most important for me is finding the time to exercise. Getting out for a run after the school drop-off clears my head and leaves me feeling energised. I definitely notice the difference on the days I don’t run and how much my productivity drops.

Conversely, another key thing in my week is taking proper rest days. I often work long hours and I’m rushing around to meetings, so it’s really important that I have downtime. I am a natural worrier, but these moments of calm help me to refocus and bring myself back.

I have to force myself to get out and see people. It’s so easy to get caught in the ‘busy’ trap, but seeing friends gives me that break I need to regain some clarity and perspective.

I also spend time on self-improvement. I love learning! I often follow tutorials or listen to podcasts to pick up new skills.

Of course, I’m not immune to the small annoyances of life. There are always those little things that have a way of tipping the balance of your day, but over the years I have put in place little hacks that just make my life run more smoothly.

I get my shopping delivered to my house. This means I can order online without spending time wandering around trying to find what I need.

We often cook ‘double dinners’ – I’ll cook twice as much one night when I have more time, so I have dinner for the next night when I’m busier too!

I always try and tidy as I go. When I am cooking dinner, I clean surfaces as I finish with them and I use the dishwasher for absolutely everything – if only the kids could go in there too!

Both my kids love football. I always make sure that I throw their kit in the wash, get it dry and repack the bags the same day they come home dirty. That way there is no last-minute scrabble to find kit the next time they need it!

Finally, I always lay my running kit out the night before. Absolutely everything I need, right down to socks and headband! I can just pull it on the next day with no thought and get on with my morning.

If I’m preparing for a longer run or race, I will have my Compeed blister plasters laid out ready too. I have used these for quite a few years during my half-marathon or marathon training. My training buddy recommended them to me for my blisters and since then they’ve helped me through those ‘sore foot moments’ that us runners often experience.