The new 1000 Mile Run Anklet Twin Pack is designed to offer foot comfort and support during road runs and races.

A combination of fine denier Nylon and a soft moisture management yarn mix is placed in a dense loop to give comfortable, multi-padded zones in the areas feet needs them most.

The Run Anklet is designed to keep feet comfortable, cool and dry under pressure with ventilation zones. This reduces the chance of friction and irritation and helps maintain a comfortable foot temperature.

Extra padding has been placed on the key strike zones (ball of foot and heel) to help maximise protection which has also been extended over the toes for the same purpose. Structured and cushioned support has also been placed around the ankle bone too, and the Achilles is also protected by dense wicking and cushioning. An arch brace helps prevent the sock from slipping.

And, when you’ve socked it enough to one pair, your feet will welcome the spare!

Men’s sizing – Men’s Medium (6-8½), L (9-11½), XL (12-14)

Ladies sizing –Ladies Small (3-5½), Medium (6-8½)

RRP: £12.99