LimeLight Sports Group (LSG) is investing to measure, analyse, and develop important partnerships with the aim of reducing climate impact on the environment.

Results from a survey conducted with LSG members in May 2022 show that:

  • 80% think about their personal impact on the environment
  • 71% are interested in tracking their carbon footprint

In response to these findings, LSG has taken action, by making a promise to be carbon neutral at all LimeLight Sports Club events by 2023.

LSG has therefore partnered with Carbon Char Store in an industry-first collaboration. This innovative partnership will neutralise the LSG carbon footprint through measured and verified carbon removal at Etape Caledonia, Hackney Moves, Blenheim Palace Triathlon, ASICS 10K, London Triathlon, London Duathlon and Oxford Half.

The carbon capture process is achieved by turning non-recyclable waste into clean, renewable, and sustainable energy resources. This creates a co-product called char, which is up to 95% pure carbon. Char is stable and won’t return to CO2 quickly, so it’s bound into building material, such as concrete and asphalt, to keep carbon out of the atmosphere for hundreds of years.

By 2050, global waste generation is forecast to be almost 3.5 billion tonnes a year. Currently, less than 15% of the world’s waste is processed for recycling, clean energy recovery or carbon capture. What a waste!

Carbon Char Store is responding directly to the Net Zero carbon removal challenge. Outlining the company’s mission, director Brian Reynolds, says: “Carbon Char Store is providing the world’s first human-friendly marketplace for CO2 removals. It’s where individuals and organisations can remove their carbon contributions and lock them away. Our platform lets you compare the permanence, price and volume of different removals using our unique classification system, and bid using our own utility token: Carbon Char Coin.”

LimeLight Sports Group Sustainability Lead, Gemma Marks, said: “As part of our continued commitment to being leaders in sustainable sport operations, we’re beyond excited to partner with Carbon Char Store in an industry-first collaboration that will see the LSC events become carbon-neutral. We believe in the power of sport to influence behaviours, inspire change and impact social communities. We’re proud to commit to these targets and pave the way for measurable environmental impact.”