We get on the Wild Swim Map, “Wetsuit to Work” success update and training gets Brutal!
With 1 month to go till August 15th, day 1 of the swim, our training, planning and preparation has gone into overdrive. We’re increasing our long distance swims, incorporating more speed work into our drills and increasing the amount of time we can spend submerged in the ice bath! We’d like to take a brief pause to thank everyone who has helped and supported us so far as you’ve made all this possible and worthwhile.Last week we held our hugely successful “Wetsuit to Work” day to raise money for the Swimming Trust and wanted to thank you to all of you for taking part and donating. Being on the tube in a wetsuit, swim-cap and goggles is something Calum won’t be forgetting in a while! We’re still totalling all the money up, but to date have raised over £450.00 which we’ll be adding to our page.

We’re proud to announce that we’re now part of the Wild Swim Map and have mapped all 9 days of our swim on the Outdoor Swimming Society Map. It’s a fantastic resource for outdoor swimming across the world and means you’ll know where we are on which day so you can come down for a chat/coffee/dip (we’re all partial to a bacon sarnie 😉

We’ve also entered into an exciting partnership with Brutal Events, they’re a fantastic event organiser of some of the worlds most extreme triathlons and swims. Calum will be competing in their Big Brutal Swim on 30th August and also the Double Brutal on the 19th September, a double ironman distance triathlon with an ascent of Mount Snowdon and a 44 hour cut off. We’d like to say a huge thank you to Claire Smith for making this happen.

Check out the race report in 220 Triathlon from Celtman;

Click Here

All 3 of us will be attempting to swim across the mighty Corryvreckan, the 3rd largest whirlpool in the world, on August 2nd and will have a full update next week.

Coming soon….

  • Corryvreckan challenge
  • Etchrock article
  • Brutal blog
Robbie painting away
Calum blending in with the commuters
Jack hard at work