British Athletics has today announced the addition of Eilish McColgan (coach: Liz McColgan-Nuttall) to its Olympic World Class Performance Programme (WCPP) for 2016–2017

McColgan, a finalist in the 5000m at the Rio Olympics earlier this year, said: “Obviously I’m really happy that my appeal was successful. Naturally I was disappointed when not included on the original WCPP last month, as I felt I did everything I could this year after injury and hit all the necessary criteria. It’s nice for that to have been recognised.

“I look forward to being a part of the World Class Performance Programme and hope to continue improving in the 5000m, which is still a new event for me, throughout the next year looking towards London 2017 and beyond.”

With the addition of McColgan, British Athletics has now selected 15 athletes for its Olympic Podium programme and 30 athletes for the Olympic Podium Potential programme, with a further 26 athletes included across the various Olympic WCPP relay squads.

British Athletics performance director Neil Black said: “Eilish presented us with a very strong case for her inclusion on this year’s World Class Performance Programme. The panel reviewed their original decision and concluded that the additional information provided by Eilish within her appeal warranted her inclusion on the WCPP for 2016-17.”

Funded by The National Lottery through UK Sport, British Athletics WCPP selection is based upon the potential to win medals at an Olympic or Paralympic Games (with special consideration given to the IAAF World Athletics Championships at London 2017) and is split into two levels: Podium (for athletes with the potential to win medals at London 2017 and Tokyo 2020) and Podium Potential (for athletes developing towards Tokyo 2020 and the Olympics in 2024).

British Athletics invests 100% of the UK Sport grant on elite coaching, provision of world class training facilities, medical and sports science services, warm weather training camps and major championships team travel to ensure its athletes perform to the highest achievable standards. Athletes will also receive targeted financial assistance from UK Sport through the World Class Performance Programme’s Athlete Personal Award (APA).

Olympic (15)
Dina Asher-Smith (John Blackie)
Holly Bradshaw (Scott Simpson)
Mohamed Farah (Alberto Salazar)
Adam Gemili (Rana Reider)
Robbie Grabarz (Fuzz Caan)
Sophie Hitchon (Tore Gustafsson)
Zharnel Hughes (Glen Mills)
Katarina Johnson-Thompson
Laura Muir (Andy Young)
Cindy Ofili (Garfield Ellenwood)
Tiffany Porter (Jeffrey Porter)
Shara Proctor (Rana Reider)
Greg Rutherford (Dan Pfaff)
Lynsey Sharp (Rana Reider)
Lorraine Ugen (Shawn Jackson)


Olympic (30)
Kate Avery (Rob Denmark)
Chris Baker (Sharon Heveran)
Meghan Beesley (Michael Baker)
Alexandra Bell (Aaron Thomas)
Chris Bennett (Mick Jones)
Tom Bosworth (Andi Drake)
Andrew Butchart (Derek Easton)
Dan Bramble (Frank Attoh)
Tom Farrell (Mark Rowland)
Elliot Giles (Matt Yates)
Charlie Grice (Jon Bigg)
Adam Hague (Trevor Fox)
Lucy Hatton (Toni Minichiello)
Callum Hawkins (Robert Hawkins)
Chris Kandu (Fuzz Caan)
David King (James Hillier)
Morgan Lake (Aston Moore)
Jade Lally (Andrew Neal)
Kyle Langford (George Harrison)
Scott Lincoln (Paul Wilson)
Eilish McColgan (Liz McColgan-Nuttall)
Nick Miller (Tore Gustafsson)
David Omoregie (Benke Blomkvist)
Shelayna Oskan-Clarke (Jon Bigg)
Isobel Pooley (Fuzz Caan)
Andy Pozzi (Benke Blomkvist)
Shona Richards (Marina Armstrong)
Jazmin Sawyers (Kelly Sotherton)
Adelle Tracey (Craig Winrow)
Jake Wightman (Geoff Wightman)

Men’s 4x100m (6)
Harry Aikines-Aryeetey (Benke Blomkvist)
Ojie Edoburun (Jonas Tawiah-Dodoo)
James Ellington (Linford Christie)
Richard Kilty (Michael Khmel)
Danny Talbot (Benke Blomkvist)
Chijindu Ujah (Jonas Tawiah-Dodoo)

Plus individual WCPP athletes:
Adam Gemili (Rana Reider)
Zharnel Hughes (Glen Mills)

Also included in the squad, but not part of the WCPP, are:
Joel Fearon (Michael Khmel) – already a member of the British Bobsleigh WCPP
Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake (Dennis Shaver) – ineligible for WCPP inclusion due to NCAA status

Men’s 4x400m (6)
Jarryd Dunn (Keith Holt)
Matthew Hudson-Smith (Tony Hadley)
Martyn Rooney (Graham Hedman)
Nigel Levine (Linford Christie)
Delano Williams (Neil Harrison)
Rabah Yousif (Carol Williams)

Women’s 4x100m (5)
Desiree Henry (Rana Reider)
Daryll Neita (Jonas Tawiah-Dodoo)
Ashleigh Nelson (Michael Afilaka)
Asha Philip (Steve Fudge)
Jodie Williams (Ryan Freckleton)

Plus individual WCPP athletes:
Dina Asher-Smith (John Blackie)

Also included in the squad, but not part of the WCPP, are development athletes:
Shannon Hylton (Ryan Freckleton)
Imani Lansiquot (Jonas Tawiah-Dodoo)
Sophie Papps (Stewart Challis)

Women’s 4x400m (9)
Margaret Adeoye (Linford Christie)
Seren Bundy-Davies (Stephen Ball)
Eilidh Doyle (Malcolm Arnold)
Emily Diamond (Jared Deacon)
Kelly Massey (Stephen Ball)
Kirsten McAslan (Trevor Painter)
Laviai Nielsen (Frank Adams)
Christine Ohuruogu (Lloyd Cowan)
Anyika Onuora (Rana Reider)