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IRONMAN has announced Mortal Hydration as the official sports beverage and hydration partner for the IRONMAN® and IRONMAN® 70.3® North American Triathlon Series. Varieties of the Mortal Hydration Drink Mix will be available on-course, giving athletes great-tasting and effective hydration at IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 events in North America in 2024.

The new hydration mix is Mortal’s first beverage developed to help athletes during training and competition. After two years in development and testing by world-class athletes, Mortal’s flavour profiles have been refined to ensure that athletes will be hydrated and will never suffer from flavour fatigue with great tasting options. Each of the three varieties are both simultaneously sweet and tart, a perfect combo that encourages athletes to sip more often to combat chronic under-hydrating that impacts so many athletes.

“Staying hydrated is the essential part of a challenging endurance event like an IRONMAN triathlon,” said Mortal founder Becca Schepps, a former collegiate rower and professional cyclist. “We’re so excited to offer Mortal Hydration’s high-performance electrolyte mix to IRONMAN athletes. It will ensure all athletes on course are seriously hydrated with a full electrolyte profile formulated to fight dehydration and set athletes up to have their best race possible.”

Mortal Hydration was formulated with the latest sports science and endurance sport fuelling strategies in mind and offers athletes a hydration mix that tastes great and delivers the right balance of flavour, nutrients, and electrolytes. Mortal is designed to be integrated into a high-carb fuelling strategy where athletes consume 80g to 100g of carbs per hour from concentrated nutrition and then use Mortal as part of a hydration strategy to replenish electrolytes.

Mortal Hydration offers a full electrolyte profile and the ability to titrate sodium levels across three flavours – Margarita, Berry, and Mango. Each flavour has 10g of carbohydrates to help with electrolyte absorption and is available in both a regular variety with 450 mg of sodium citrate and 190mg of additional electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, and calcium), and a salty version with 925 mg of sodium citrate and 190mg of additional electrolytes – perfect for very hot days or heavy sweaters.

“Understanding the evolving nutrition strategies of triathletes, we are pleased to be able to partner with Mortal Hydration to provide an effective electrolyte hydration option to pair with Maurten gels on course at our IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 North American events,” said Keats McGonigal, Vice President of North American Operations for The IRONMAN Group “It is often said nutrition is the fourth discipline of triathlon events, and importantly a strategy to stay hydrated with appropriate electrolyte intake can help athletes get to the finish line.”

To allow athletes time to adjust to the new product offering, Mortal Hydration will be an on-course option added to previous electrolyte options, with a full exclusive roll out of the product on course beginning with July events. Sample packs will also be available for purchase in the official IRONMAN Merchandise store.

Mortal Hydration is available online via The Feed, and is available in a variety of packaging to suit every athlete’s fuelling needs. Athletes can choose from individual sachets, 25-packs for consistent replenishment, or explore all six flavours with packs of six samples.