Since it began back in 1999, Israman has been synonymous with excellence, attracting athletes from all corners of the globe to the shores of Eilat, Israel. Challenge Israman marks the 25th anniversary race and is set to take place on 26 January 2024. It will continue the tradition of offering a challenging and picturesque course that showcases the breath-taking landscapes of Eilat and the surrounding area. Athletes can expect an unforgettable race experience that blends the unique allure of Israman with the renowned quality and standards of Challenge Family.

The course

A beautiful swim in the crystal clear 22 degree waters of the Red Sea will launch you energised on the short run to the T1 transition.

Challenge Israman bike course is world famous for a reason. The crisp morning desert air will charge you up the initial climb from the shores of the Red Sea, to the desert highland that hosts the most spectacular bike course any triathlete may ever encounter. Challenging and magnificent, the ride in this biblical land, will not be forgotten.

The T2 transition from bike to run, has its own designated area on the mountain (from which the organizers transport the bikes to the finish start). From there, it’s a beautiful, yet quadricep taxing, 10 km downhill run with fabulous views of the gulf of Eilat, back to Sea level, and another 11.1 kms on the promenades hugging the gulf, en-route to the stadium-like finish line near the start. The vistas of the Challenge Israman course will leave you yearning for next year’s edition.