NURVV Run, pioneers of wearable technology and biomechanics that help runners of all levels run faster, further and reduce injury risk, has announced a new partnership agreement with England Athletics.

The partnership will see NURVV Run named headline partner of the England Athletics Club Run programme – an initiative providing expert face-to-face and digital coaching expertise to road running clubs across the country.

Club Run offers a series of free, practical coaching sessions delivered to clubs on their club night by an experienced coach. The partnership will provide NURVV Run access to a network of grassroot runners and coaches as well as the opportunity to build engagement and trial of its innovative smart insoles.

As part of Club Run, highly-qualified England Athletics coaches will collaborate with the brand to deliver dedicated NURVV Run sessions. This will provide runners with access to NURVV Run, allowing them to discover their true running potential through the product’s unique running metrics and insights.

The partnership is built on a shared ambition of helping grow participation in the sport and providing runners of all abilities with a toolkit to unlock their natural talent. It marks a statement of intent from NURVV Run following its launch in January 2020.

Unlike other wearable technology, NURVV Run uses smart insoles with integrated pressure sensors to measure the most important aspects of running technique right from the source of action – the feet.

Using biomechanical principles to analyse a runner’s data, NURVV Run provides unrivalled insights into each individual’s technique – including footstrike and pronation to help run faster, further and reduce injury risk. NURVV Run also enables runners to level up their wearable tech, it is compatible with popular apps, running watches and heart monitors to fit in seamlessly with any running regime.

Ulrica Roberts, founder of NURVV Run, said: “We’re thrilled to be aligning NURVV Run with the membership and development body of running and athletics in England and can’t wait to get started. Club Run is the perfect setting to share the product with passionate runners as we work collaboratively to elevate the coaching experience.

“This landmark partnership marks a significant milestone in the brand’s journey and illustrates the ambitions we hold for the product. We truly believe that on a foundation of science and technology, NURVV Run has the ability to improve running performance and will really benefit members of England Athletics.”

England Athletics CEO, Chris Jones, said: “We are delighted to welcome NURVV Run as the lead partner for our Club Run programme. We are looking forward to working with their innovative smart insole technology to help Club Run coaches provide an even greater level of insight and coaching support – helping club runners further improve their running performance and reduce risk of injury.”