At the end of September I competed at the European Arnold Classic in Barcelona in the U105kg strongman class.

Overall it was a great experience with some extremely memorable moments including a handshake and word or two with the legend himself Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Friday weigh in was one of the hardest I’ve had as I’ve obviously gotten fatter and weighing in at 18:00pm meant a day of little water or food making me like most competitions, hangry but I weighed in at 104.5kg so all good.
Competition day and event 1 the log press, advertised at 115kg but the weight on the day 125kg, I gave it my best and managed 3 reps placing me 4th in this event.

Event 2 the super yoke and 360kg for 25m was soul destroying, I finished the course in 9th place showing my lack of practice at distance in training.

Event 3 a 125kg farmers sprint for 25m and a quick time here placing me 4th with the leader smashing me by a 2 second margin.

Event 4 a 270kg deadlift for reps in a minute and a 4 rep personal best, but more importantly was the last 10 seconds of the event where I looked up to see Mr terminator himself stood clapping me on to lift another rep, I simply unwrapped my straps and ran to shake his hand as this to me was a once in a life time opportunity (who cares about deadlifts when he’s watching anyway)

Final event a 160kg atlas stone for reps and my favourite event, I gave it my all and with 5 reps took a second place finish.

My final overall placing was a solid 4th place finish and a fantastic holiday, competition and expo to boot.
Now onto training for Europe’s Strongest man in Ireland this November and to Worlds Strongest man in America this December.

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