Winter has arrived and with that wet feet from all the snow, mud and water. From forest trails over roots and through mud all the way to rocky mountain trails, SCOTT’s new Gore-Tex trail running shoes can do it all and still keep your feet dry.

The new Gore-Tex trail running shoe collection sees SCOTT’s bestselling trail shoes – the Kinabalu 2 and Supertrac 3 – redesigned to tackle any run during the colder, muddier season. Both shoes are now available with Gore-Tex uppers and include their popular traction soles. The result is a winter-specific collection of shoes that give performance, protection and comfort on wet, muddy and icy terrain.

The Kinabalu 2 GTX and Supertrac 3 GTX are available in both men’s and women’s models, and a range of new colorways.

Kinabalu 2 GTX
SCOTT’s most versatile running shoe is the go-to option when running on rocks, roots and trails. Combining Gore-Tex technology with the Versatile Traction outsole makes the Kinabalu 2 GTX the best shoe for keeping your feet warm and dry whilst maintaining excellent performance when running on varied terrain.

The Kinabalu 2 GTX features the SCOTT KINETIC FOAM, which is a lightweight and very responsive foam, returning 14% more energy than standard EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) resulting in a plush but stable and more dynamic run.

The unique rocker shape of the eRIDE midsole creates a very stable midstance, promoting a faster, more efficient and more dynamic running style while reducing heel strike impacts.

To top it off, the Versatile Traction outsole of the Kinabalu 2 GTX provides traction on different terrains from forest trails over roots to muddy grounds. The multi-layered lugs optimize the ground contact by biting into any hardpack trails.

Supertrac 3 GTX
The Supertrac 3 is SCOTT’s most popular mountain shoe. With the Supertrac 3 GTX, its updated ripstop upper has now been reinforced with Gore-Tex technology, creating the most durable and weatherproof shoe in the collection. Featuring the All Terrain Traction outsole, the Supertrac 3 GTX is built to handle everything from the muddiest valleys to the rockiest mountain ridges.

The new Nylon Ripstop upper increases the durability of the shoe and with that the protection of the runner on rocky grounds. The AEROFOAM+ focuses on a cushioned but stable ride which is key for performance on technical terrain in the mountains. This midsole foam is durable with dynamic rebound to offer protection while maintaining an efficient stride.

The Supertrac 3 GTX features the eRIDE midsole for a faster and more efficient running style.

For better traction, the Supertrac 3 GTX features the All Terrain Traction outsole. The strategically placed lugs create superior forward and braking traction on long runs in mountainous terrain providing extra stability when runners need it most.