Running is part of you: part of who you are, part of what you love about life, part of your day. It energises you, it calms you, it opens up a world of social connections.

Cyclists, walkers, yoga class addicts – they all get to enjoy their favourite activity on holiday. Why shouldn’t runners too?

Running Travels is a new adventure holiday company for runners. Building on our 14 years of experience offering outdoor adventures from dog sledding and ski touring to canoeing and hiking through our sister venture Nature Travels, we’re now bringing our love of the outdoors and our expertise in the travel industry to the world of running.

We’ve always offered activities we love to do ourselves, and with Running Travels, this is no exception.

Which of the following best describes you?

I want to organise a trip with my running club or with a group of running friends.

Perfect! In addition to any fixed dates, any of our running holidays can be offered as a private tour on other dates for groups, and in most cases the group doesn’t need to be large to be able to offer this – as few as just 4 persons or so may be all it takes to be able to book a private tour at standard prices.

Talk to us about your requirements and we’ll be happy to advise.

I’m travelling on my own.

That’s fine! Solo travellers are very welcome on any of our guided running holidays (self-guided tours require min. 2 persons so aren’t suitable for solo travellers).

If the itinerary is based on private rooms rather than shared sleeping accommodation, there might be a single supplement for solo travellers, but this is normally modest. Alternatively, persuade a friend to come with you and keep the cost down by sharing a room!

I’m looking for a short break.

Ideal! In that case, Trail Running Weekend in North Wales might be perfect for you. It’s a 3-day/2-night camp in the beautiful Welsh hills combining guides runs, training workshops and a special “yoga for runners” class. Finish work a little early on Friday afternoon to make the evening kick-off and you’ll be back at work refreshed and inspired on Monday morning!

I love the wilderness.

So do we! In that case, provided you’re up for a challenge, we’d recommend one of the following:

Scottish Highlands Point to Point Crossing: a real adventure, running through the Highlands from east to west with luggage transfers between hostel accommodation and taking in some of Scotland’s wildest and most dramatic scenery, including the awesome Fisherfield Crossing.

Point to Point Trail Adventure in Rondane National Park: Norway deserves its reputation as one of the most scenically spectacular destinations in the world. This tour takes you through the beautiful mountains of Rondane, with luggage transfers between mountain lodges and daily runs in an ever-changing landscape.

I love running, but my partner doesn’t.

No problem! Our Running Week at Mountain Lodge in Swedish Lapland, located in the far north of Sweden, has a programme for runners and non-running “followers”.

Some activities, such as packrafting on the river, you can do together. For the runs, non-runners have an equally-rewarding alternative programme of guided hikes.

Come together again in the evening to enjoy delicious Lapland cuisine and relax in the sauna – with the skies alive with the dancing Northern Lights in autumn or bright with the Midnight Sun in summertime!

I like having a place to call home – I don’t want to move around all the time, but I want an adventure.

We have just the tour for you! Trail Running on the King’s Road combines the beauty of the Norwegian outdoors with fixed-base accommodation in a lovely mountain cabin.

Short vehicle transfers bring you to and from each day’s run, allowing you to return to the comfort of your cabin in the evening, with dinner served in the restaurant. For extra variety and adventure, there’s even a day of sea kayaking on the fjord!

I want a holiday which combines running with culture.

Well, there’s nothing more central to Finnish culture than having a sauna! Trail Running, Saunas and Packrafting in Southern Finland combines a varied programme of runs in the beautiful forests of the Tampere area with a chance to sample several saunas in the region – discover for yourself why the Finns love sauna so much!

Along the way, you’ll get the chance to camp wild in a National Park and go packrafting too!

I don’t want a guided tour.

Fair enough! In our opinion, a guide will always add immensely to any travel experience, offering not only expertise and insider knowledge, but allowing you to discover areas that would never have been accessible to you on a self-guided trip.

But equally, the freedom and flexibility that “doing your own thing” can offer has its own appeal – plus, you don’t need to worry about keeping up with anyone else of course!

As long as you’re minimum 2 persons, our Self-guided Island Running in the Stockholm Archipelago tour in Sweden may be just what you’re after. Combine easy-going runs and the freedom of a self-guided holiday with the convenience of full tour descriptions and included luggage and boat transfers, plus the chance to stay in some of the archipelago’s most charming local accommodation along the way.

Ready to take your love of running with you on your next holiday?

Whether you’re travelling alone or with friends, whether you like your creature comforts or want to really get “out there”, whether you want to test your limits or stay well within your comfort zone – talk to us and we’ll match you with your ideal trip!