The 10 things to do a month before your marathon

It’s nearly spring marathon time, with Brighton Marathon and London Marathon (amongst many others) just round the corner; your training should be full steam ahead over the next few weeks. This is when you earn that medal!!

See below 10 things you should be doing, or thinking about, in the lead up to your race…

  1. Hit your long runs – You should be looking to hit your longest run 2-3 weeks before your race, try and reach at least 20 miles.
  2. Test your race day kit – Make sure you are comfortable with the kit you plan to wear on the day, don’t make any last minute changes
  3. Stick your name on your vest – Make sure you have your name on your vest so crazed strangers can shout your name as you pass them in the race
  4. Work out your nutrition plan – Make sure you know what you are going to eat and drink, and when
  5. Check how to get to the race – Don’t leave this to the last minute, you won’t want any unnecessary stress on race day
  6. Cut back on your alcohol – You don’t need to give up, but I recommend cutting back in the lead up to the race
  7. Understand the course – Study the course so there are no surprises
  8. Visualise success – Be confident in your training and visualise yourself finishing the race
  9. Steer clear of injury – Don’t do anything crazy in the weeks before the race, take things steady and look after yourself
  10. Plan your next event – This won’t be your only event will it!? Don’t waste all that training, maybe try some trail running or register for the UKRunChat Shrewsbury Half Marathon!

Good luck, let me know how you are getting on via the means below, and I will see you on the start line at the London Marathon.

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