Ultimate Running Album



Technical Information

Rob Roar, has DJ’s all over the World and headlined some of the biggest clubs including We love…Space, Ibiza. Rob spent the last 9 months working with fitness trainers, runners and high performance athlete’s from around the World to create a ‘BPM to heart-rate training zone’ album that links your heart rate to the Music. We call it ‘The Ultimate Running Mix’.The mixes have been road tested by several high profile media figures who are into their fitness, and they’re all raving about it. So far we have International Rugby players, International football players, Olympic runners and Tabloid health journalists who have tweeted with great feedback.

The album include a warm up, 5km, 10km and cool down mixes.

As a keen listening to music whilst running runner I prefer dance music with a strong beat to podcasts as this seems to help to keep my tempo as I become tired.  I found that this mix has been a real hit for me and an album of choice.I have been using this for 6 weeks now and have found it useful for other types of training and have also used it for circuits.

Lots of the tracks are recognisable and they are mixed really well and you may find yourself getting some strange looks as you realise your singing along!

On the album it has separate mixes for warm up and cool down as well as 5km and 10km and this really helped with putting together a playlist for longer runs.  The album has been created to raise funds for Cancer Research Uk, so by buying this you will also be helping a UK Charity.


  • Warm up and cool down mixes and separate
  • Lots of the songs are recognisable
  • The tracks flow and help keep pace
  • Its supporting charity



  • Personally I would like the beat to be more prominent as I like to use this to keep tempo but this is personal choice
  • The 5km mix is fantastic and I preferred this to the 10km mix.