Challenge Family and ROUVY continue to digitize the best triathlon locations around the world. Now with the Challenge Almere behind, the next stop is the middle-distance triathlon in the Ligurian region. The international tri community and Sanremo participants are set to recon the bike course segments in the online race on ROUVY with the Brazilian-Italian pro, Guilherme Muglia, aka Gui.

The Challenge Family is striving to provide triathletes with a once-in-a-life-time race experience and the warmth of a supportive atmosphere, including relationships which go beyond the competition. Likewise, ROUVY is trying to make the relationship of the athletes with their training station as ‘great, fun and motivating’ as possible. Using the combo of real-life footage and mixed-reality tech, ROUVY provides an absolutely realistic and immersive environment to teleport oneself into the passion of the race and amidst exotic natural locations. That fitness-related joy comes without having to leave the comfort of one’s home or buy flight tickets. Thousands of triathletes from around the world have found their virtual training home on ROUVY.

The successful partnership, which started in the beginning of 2022, today offers 20 CF virtual courses from 13 countries and gives a magnificent representation of the beautiful locations the races are hosted at.

As the digital journey continues, Challenge Family and ROUVY announce the release of the Sanremo course. The actual race, on Sept 23d, will start on the coast of the Italian Riviera and make a loop through the picturesque Ligurian countryside that heads back to the coast. Out of the 90 km bike leg, ROUVY takes the 25 km segment from Taggia, with a long climb of 17 km that leads to the Ghimbegna pass (1030 m altitude), and crosses Argallo, Zerni and Vignai.

The pro triathlete and coach, Guilherme Muglia, is inviting fellow participants to race and is also challenging everyone to beat him on a trainer with real effort. “Gui” is a Brazilian-Italian dual citizen and a big fan of the Challenge races. Currently recovering from a surgery and the long Covid side effects, he’s set to soon return to the Challenge Family Pro circuit. He lives and trains in Boulder, Colorado – USA and also runs the Sommet Coaching which coaches athletes online in the US, Brazil and Europe.

The races are open to athletes of all abilities; the only requisites are a smart trainer and a screen device.

To register for the Challenge Family Sanremo race, Sept 15, 17:00 BST click here