Male runner on a track
Credit: COROS

COROS has announced a new partnership with Olympic Champion Jakob Ingebrigtsen.

Ingebrigtsen is a two-time World champion, four-time European champion, and Olympic Gold medal winner. His growing list of accomplishments include:

  • Olympic Champion: 1500m (Tokyo 2020)
  • World Champion: 5000m (2022 and 2023)
  • European Champion: 1500m and 5000m (2018 and 2020)
  • Indoor World Record Holder: 1500m and 2000m
  • World Record: 2-mile outdoor

Jakob is now looking to elevate his career by focusing on strategic improvements that can result in big differences on the podium. By partnering with COROS, he will be incorporating training data and analytics through COROS technology. “I am reaching a point in my career where I need to work on all the small things…I am at such a high level that minor changes for the better can mean big improvements. With the data I am collecting, I believe I can have some marginal gains, which is exactly what I need for the future,” Ingebrigtsen said in an interview.

During his training, Ingebrigtsen will wear the COROS PACE 3 watch and the COROS Heart Rate Monitor. He will also use the COROS Training Hub to analyse and monitor his metrics.

“We look forward to working with Jakob regarding the insights his training can have on performance,” said Derek Dalzell, COROS Head of Consumer Education and Athlete Management. “As we learn from Jakob, it will open new opportunities for runners globally who are also looking to improve.”

Together, Jakob and COROS will continue to push the limits of what’s possible. “With me trying to improve all the time, there are new insights from having data with everything that I do. Together with COROS, and understanding how to best use metrics, we can improve the use and analysis of data for performance.”