Cartoon car and a black and white race flag with the word Flying Laps
Credit: Red Bull

Red Bull is challenging the UK to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to run, push or cycle on the Silverstone Circuit this July. Launching the Flying Laps challenge this May, participants need to complete a 5.9k activity of their choice (the length of the Silverstone track) then log their lap on Strava or the Red Bull website to gain access onto the world famous track on 20th July.

Red Bull legend Max Verstappen currently holds the lap record at Silverstone, completing 5.9k on 2nd August 2020 in a staggering 1:27.097, setting his own Flying Lap and securing him in Silverstone history. Red Bull is now throwing down the gauntlet to challenge the UK to set their own personal 5.9k best, securing their own Flying Lap record and pushing their own boundaries along the way.

Red Bull Flying Laps challenge is open until 23rd June. Participants can log their 5.9k activity either on the Flying Laps 2024 Strava challenge of via the Red Bull Flying Laps landing page.