Waterproof Phone and Valuables Wallet – £21.00

The team at Fickaskåp sent us one of their wallets to test and review without any costs incurred on our end, and it arrived swiftly through the letterbox thanks to their slim packaging design. The wallet arrived in pristine condition so we filled it with an IPhone 6, a couple of keys, a £20 note (as they’re still paper) and a folded up miniature trail map and headed to the mountains.

The wallet did fit in my pocket but it was a little large and uncomfortable so I strapped it to the side of my bike instead. Being made from 100% Nylon with Rip Stop on the outer I wasn’t worried about it getting damaged, and it took a beating and came out fairly unscathed when I bailed on a loamy section that I was unfamiliar with.

The trails were pretty dry and dusty and it’s safe to say that absolutely no dust or gravel entered either compartment in the wallet upon opening when I returned back to the car. With the trails being dry and us wanting to test it for being waterproof, I found a shallow stream and chucked it in. I wouldn’t normally trust that something is waterproof just because it says so ‘on the tin’, but after pinching tight the heavy duty sealing strip and folding over the flap with strong Velcro on, I was quietly confident that my possessions would be ok, which they inevitably were, with not one droplet of water or damp patch in sight inside the wallet.

The wallet in itself is very lightweight and ergonomically friendly, you can use your phone directly through the clear plastic side without having to remove it and there are two compartments inside to separate things like keys from scratching your phone screen. It cleaned up surprisingly easy upon returning home, I simply emptied it out, rinsed it under the tap and left it out to dry.


The cost of a mobile phone these days is extortionate, and for the small cost of £21 we would recommend owning one of these wallets to protect it when you know you’re going to get soaking wet on the trails. Not only that, but when you need a dry map or money for mid ride beers then this is the perfect place to keep it all together rather than rooting through a dripping wet bag. A very handy product at a very reasonable price!