For decades, a series of unfailingly ground-breaking and irreverent ad campaigns have firmly embedded Orangina alongside the Tour in the visual landscape of TV viewers in France and abroad. One and the other have become part of the national heritage, each in its own way. On the roads of the Tour, Orangina is about to embark on a quest of almost 3,500 kilometres to meet the public and conquer the taste buds of thirsty fans around the world thanks to a media coverage spanning 190 countries.

For even more fun and thrills, Orangina will launch 3 limited edition cans. They will illustrate the most shaken roads of the Tour de France, representing two major stages of the Tour de France 2023 and one major stage of the Tour de France Women with Zwift 2023.

Pierre Decroix, General Manager of Suntory Beverage & Food France, said: “We are proud to announce the signature of this partnership agreement between Orangina and the Tour de France. The deal between these two leaders makes a lot of sense. This understanding will energise our consumers, clients and teams and rally them around this unifying event. Today is a first and opens a new stage in our relationship with the Tour de France for the next three years.”

Yann Le Moënner, General Manager of A.S.O. said: “You can recognise a bottle of Orangina at first sight, or even in a blind test. Both the container and the drink inside it have become part of our collective psyche. It is hard to overlook its powerful synergies with the Tour de France, and the alliance between these two “monuments” of French culture is only natural. We expect this to be a refreshing and bubbly relationship, of course.”

Arnaud Jobard, Commercial Director of Suntory Beverage & Food France, added: “With the Tour de France, Orangina reasserts its aspiration to come closer to consumers through emotion, through the love of French people for this event, which is part of our cultural and sporting heritage. For our retail clients, this is an incredible opportunity to drum up support for the brand at the point of sale.”