Enertor, official partner of England Athletics, presents PX1 running and walking insoles. PX1 is the first shock-absorbing technology to be specifically developed for protecting the feet and body from ground forces.

Enertor’s PX1 insoles transmit impact forces horizontally through the insole, greatly reducing shockwaves through the leg. The technology, endorsed by Usain Bolt, provides 89% more protection per mm. 40% lighter and 90% softer than competitor insole brands, PX1 gives instant relief from sporting demands and long-term protection. In comparison, standard insoles allow forces to be transmitted vertically through the shoe, creating shockwaves and trauma through the leg.

A single step exerts a force twice our body weight; over a single day our feet can therefore support the equivalent to hundreds of tons. With a cushioned arch support to prevent pronation, a slight raised heel to aid tight muscles, a mid-foot drop point to help reduce pain in the big toe (or bunion) and a forefoot met pad to spread any localised high pressure when running, Enertor’s PX1 insole is a game changer for not only active individuals and those coping with injuries, but podiatrists, NHS staff and the British Military.*

Priced at £29.99 and available in UK sizes 3-4 to 13-14, the PX1 insole boasts flexibility, comfort, durability and energy returning properties. Lasting over seven times as long as standard insoles and with a 60-day money back guarantee, every active individual and anyone with any lower limb or foot pain should give them a go, worry free.

Nick Beresford, CEO of Enertor says: “We all know how debilitating lower limb and foot pain can be. Now more than ever, injury prevention is becoming crucial, in helping to keep people active. Technology has improved in helmets, gum shields, and shin pads however 90% of impact comes through your feet with little realisation of the damage this can do to the body.

“The feedback from elite runners concluded that they wanted lighter insoles, more shock absorption, whilst having that all important protection from injury. After several years of development and over 20 years of knowledge in the insole industry, we have launched PX1 shock absorbing technology; the first material to be specifically developed for protecting feet from ground forces.

“Our insoles help all kinds of foot and leg injuries and pain such as stress fractures, Achilles tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, runners’ knee, the list goes on. The statistics on Enertor insoles speak for themselves; 91% of foot pain sufferers reported an improvement in the level of pain and 75% confirm that our insoles healed their plantar fasciitis.”

Enertor’s PX1 technology also helps to improve lower limb alignment, reduce fatigue and reduce tibia and femur rotation and the stress this puts on joints. Trusted by world class athletes, worn and endorsed by eight-time Olympic Champion and World Record Holder, Usain Bolt, Enertor PX1 insoles are the magic weapon to keep you performing at your best, for longer. Maximum comfort and performance, the insoles are likened to ‘walking on air, with the right amount of support, a pleasure to wear.’

First time runners to ultra-marathoners pushing their bodies to new limits. Ramblers, hikers to active professionals, Enertor’s full PX1 range, including Walking and Running insoles, has something for everyone www.enertor.com