IRONMAN Portugal Cascais logo has green and red writing and a drawing of a lighthouse

One week after the 2023 VinFast IRONMAN® World Championships in Kailua-Kona, and the stage is already set for another incredible weekend of racing, this time in Cascais, Portugal.

On Saturday 21 October, Cascais will host IRONMAN Portugal-Cascais which will feature over 100 male and female professional triathletes, as well as 1600 registered age-groupers. IRONNAN® 70.3® Portugal-Cascais will also take place on the same day, and will see over 2800 registered athletes race against each other in the hope of being crowned age-group champion.

Hot off his second place at the VinFast IRONMAN World Championship in Nice, France a month ago, Patrick Lange is wearing bib number one. Also familiar with podiuming at World Championship events, will be countryman Jan Stratmann who came third in the 2023 VinFast IRONMAN 70.3 Lahti back in August.

Josh Amberger (AUS) will no doubt be hoping to keep up his winning streak, after he won IRONMAN 70.3 Langwaki just less than two weeks ago, and will undoubtedly be challenged by friend and compatriot, Cameron Wurf. Also racing is Clement Mignon (FRA), and a double Danish threat in the likes of Miki Taagholt and Thor Bendix Madsen.

In the women’s field, Anne Reischmann (DEU) headlines the field. Reischmann has consistently come tenth in her last three IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship races (2023, 2022, 2021), and most recently came third at IRONMAN 70.3 Switzerland.

She will be challenged by Nikki Bartlett (GBR), who comes hot off a win at IRONMAN Wales, as well as Marjolaine Pierre (FRA), who will also be making her IRONMAN triathlon debut as she makes a bid for a slot to next year’s VinFast IRONMAN World Championship in her hometown of Nice.

How to watch

Live race coverage of the race will be aired on Outside Watch.

Race day coverage will begin at 0630 BST, with the professional men starting at 0640 BST, and the professional women starting at 0641 BST.

Start list

The full start list can be found below. They will be racing for a slice of the $75,000 prize pot, and 2 slots for the VinFast IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona (men only), and two slots for the VinFast IRONMAN World Championship in Nice, France (women only).

1 Lange, Patrick, DEU (Germany)

3 Stratmann, Jan, DEU (Germany)

4 Heemeryck, Pieter, BEL (Belgium)

5 Mignon, Clément, FRA (France)

6 Bendix Madsen, Thor, DNK (Denmark)

7 Amberger, Josh, AUS (Australia)

8 Wurf, Cameron, AUS (Australia)

9 Aernouts, Bart, BEL (Belgium)

10 Benito López, Antonio, ESP (Spain)

11 Taagholt, Miki, DNK (Denmark)

12 Lewis, Joshua, GGY (Guernsey)

13 Magnien, Dylan, FRA (France)

14 Loeschke, Franz, DEU (Germany)

15 Svenningsson, Rasmus, SWE (Sweden)

17 Jarrige, Yvan, FRA (France)

18 Mennesson, William, FRA (France)

20 Crudgington, Will, GBR (United Kingdom )

21 Mattner, Christoph, DEU (Germany)

22 Hammerle, Maximilian, AUT (Austria)

23 Arroyo Bugallo, Victor, ESP (Spain)

24 Peitersen, Bastian, DNK (Denmark)

25 Draper, William, IMN (Isle of Man)

26 Ferreira, João, PRT (Portugal)

27 Fritzenschaft, Julian, DEU (Germany)

29 Jacobi, Erwan, FRA (France)

30 Goodfellow, Benjamin, GBR (United Kingdom )

31 Schaffeld, Timo, DEU (Germany)

32 Matejicek, Yannick, FRA (France)

33 Alexandre, Victor, BEL (Belgium)

36 Ludet, Cédric, FRA (France)

37 Dels, Christopher, DEU (Germany)

38 Clavel, Vincent, FRA (France)

39 Villarruel Curra, Juan Ignacio, ESP (Spain)

40 Dehez, Amaury, ESP (Spain)

42 Vabaorg, Kevin, EST (Estonia)

43 Turtera, Rafael, BRA (Brazil)

44 Terrier, Vincent, FRA (France)

45 Castellà Serra, Vicenç, ESP (Spain)

46 Askengren, Albert, SWE (Sweden)

47 Csoke, Balazs, HUN (Hungary)

48 Ferrara, Florent, CHE (Switzerland)

49 Palmer, Matthew GBR (United Kingdom )

50 Garcia Ochoa, Juan Pedro, ESP (Spain)

51 Bourgeois, Matthieu, FRA (France)

52 Hounjet, Thomas, NLD (Netherlands)

54 Beci, Axel, ESP (Spain)

55 Slegers, Bruno, BEL (Belgium)

56 Gartmark, Joakim, SWE (Sweden)

58 Maurel, Kevin, FRA (France)

59 Schouten, Daan, NLD (Netherlands)

60 Hentschel, Felix, DEU (Germany)

61 Palm-Henriksen, Gustav, DNK (Denmark)

62 Benedikt, Stephan, AUT (Austria)

63 Chouvelon, Corentin, FRA (France)

64 Olsen, Mikkel Højborg, DNK (Denmark)

66 Van Der Plas, Bram, BEL (Belgium)

67 Stutz, Pascal, CHE (Switzerland)

68 Korfitsen, Oliver, DNK (Denmark)

70 Reischmann, Anne, DEU (Germany)

71 Bartlett, Nikki, GBR (United Kingdom )

72 Mitchell, Olivia, IRL (Ireland)