Triathletes run along a seafront promenade lined with palm trees

In conjunction with the 2023 VinFast IRONMAN® World Championship men’s race in Nice, France, the I AM TRUE initiative focuses on important work with athletes and the triathlon community to promote clean sport and the integrity of IRONMAN® racing through outreach and anti-doping activities.

IRONMAN’s I AM TRUE message has always been about protecting the integrity of racing and ensuring that athletes know and understand their rights and responsibilities. Using the hashtag #KNOWTHERULES, the scope of the initiative goes beyond the Anti-Doping Program to include all aspects of fair racing that are part of the IRONMAN Competition Rules, including drafting, personal conduct, and mechanical doping.

The IRONMAN Anti-Doping Program partners with National Anti-Doping Agencies worldwide to execute in and out of competition testing and to coordinate strategic testing plans on professional and age-group athletes throughout the year. Participants of the IRONMAN World Championship are a priority focus of the testing program, which includes extensive pre-competition testing program carried out in France both prior to and throughout race week. Doping Control Officers of Professional Worldwide Controls (PWC) will conduct all testing, with all samples being sent to WADA Accredited laboratories that will analyse urine, blood and dried blood spot testing to ensure immediate and independent scientific oversight of all results.