Two male and a female triathlete pose for the camera, as a montage.

More than 100 professional triathletes are slated to toe the start line at the 2024 Memorial Hermann IRONMAN® Texas triathlon, part of the VinFast IRONMAN North America Series on Saturday, April 27. Continuing the excitement of the IRONMAN Pro Series™ after its successful debut at the 2024 Athletic Brewing IRONMAN® 70.3® Oceanside triathlon, this will be the first full-distance IRONMAN triathlon to count towards the IRONMAN Pro Series standings, offering professionals a maximum 5,000 points. Designated as the North American Championship, the Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Texas triathlon also offers a $175,000 total pro prize purse and six qualifying slots for each gender to the 2024 VinFast IRONMAN World Championship.

Taking place in The Woodlands (a suburb of Houston, Texas) with a deep men’s and women’s professional field, the event can be seen live in person and will be available across multiple platforms for viewers around the world for free including, Outside TV, DAZN and L’Equipe in France, among others.

Making their IRONMAN Pro Series debut in the women’s professional field will be the likes of Kat Mathews (GBR), Jocelyn McCauley (USA), Maja Stage Nielson (DNK), Kylie Simpson (AUS) and many others. Fenella Langridge (GBR), Danielle Lewis (USA) and Joanna Ryter (CHE) will race their second IRONMAN Pro Series event as they look add to their points total early in the early season. Knowing Every Second Matters™, expect athletes to race hard and fast from start to finish.

On the professional men’s side, two-time IRONMAN World Champion, Patrick Lange (DEU), headlines the stellar list of athletes. Looking to chase down Lange in Texas will be IRONMAN Pro Series athletes such as Braden Currie (NZL), Matt Hanson (USA) and Joe Skipper (GBR), all of whom also raced in Oceanside, California on April 6. Don’t count out Robert Wilkowiecki (POL), United States’ Matthew Marquardt and Trevor Foley, or the other nearly 60 professionals.

The 2024 Memorial Hermann IRONMAN North American Championship Texas triathlon will lead athletes along a full-distance IRONMAN journey through The Woodlands with a spectacular finish line experience on Waterway Ave. The event will begin with a 2.4-mile point-to-point swim inside Lake Woodlands beginning at North Shore Park before embarking on a 112-mile two-loop bike that traverses portions of the Hardy Toll Road. The 26.2-mile marathon run allows athletes to soak in one of the most spirited spectator-lined courses on the IRONMAN circuit, with athletes racing through Hippie Hollow—an area lined with tie-dye banners, twinkling lights, and costumed performers.

In addition to the professional field, over 3,300 age-group athletes will compete at the 2024 Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Texas triathlon, part of the VinFast IRONMAN North America Series alongside the professionals on the same course, looking to earn age-group qualifying slots to the 2024 VinFast IRONMAN World Championship triathlon. The women’s race will take place in Nice, France on Sept. 22, 2024, while the men will race in Kailua-Kona, Hawai`i on Oct. 26, 2024.

Below are the pro start lists (subject to change):


F1, Matthews, Kat, GBR (UNITED KINGDOM)

F2, McCauley, Jocelyn, USA (UNITED STATES)

F3, Stage Nielsen, Maja, DNK (DENMARK)

F4, Langridge, Fenella, GBR (UNITED KINGDOM)

F5, Alberts, Alice, USA (UNITED STATES)

F6, Brandon, Lauren, USA (UNITED STATES)

F7, Lewis, Danielle, USA (UNITED STATES)

F9, Wilms, Lotte, NLD (NETHERLANDS)

F10, Berry, Hannah, NZL (NEW ZEALAND)

F11, Clarke, Rebecca, NZL (NEW ZEALAND)

F12, Ryter, Joanna, CHE (SWITZERLAND)

F13, Slater, Penny, AUS (AUSTRALIA)

F14, Simpson, Kylie, AUS (AUSTRALIA)

F17, Smith, Lesley, USA (UNITED STATES)

F19, Mitchell, Simone, GBR (UNITED KINGDOM)

F20, Olson, Rachel, USA (UNITED STATES)

F21, Pereira, Vanessa, PRT (PORTUGAL)

F22, Bowker, Kayla, USA (UNITED STATES)

F23, Dietzel, Olivia, USA (UNITED STATES)

F24, Uderstadt, Jana, DEU (GERMANY)

F25, Chastang, Clarice, USA (UNITED STATES)

F26, Smith, Jessica, USA (UNITED STATES)

F27, Alexander, Caitlin, USA (UNITED STATES)

F28, Suver, Gabrielle, USA (UNITED STATES)

F29, Vocke, Brittany, USA (UNITED STATES)

F30, Karpinski, Sarah, USA (UNITED STATES)

F31, Castillo Franco, Diana, COL (COLOMBIA)

F32, Diaz Philippi, Maria Florencia, ARG (ARGENTINA)

F33, Bingham, Chelsea, USA (UNITED STATES)

F34, Olsen, Carolyn, USA (UNITED STATES)

F36, Cullen, Jessica, CAN (CANADA)

F37, Treston-Torney, Katie, USA (UNITED STATES)

F38, Jacob, Allison, CAN (CANADA)

F39, Stirling, Callie, CAN (CANADA)

F40, Rooney, Tara, USA (UNITED STATES)


M1, Lange, Patrick, DEU (GERMANY)

M2, Wilkowiecki, Robert, POL (POLAND)

M3, Currie, Braden, NZL (NEW ZEALAND)

M4, Marquardt, Matthew, USA (UNITED STATES)

M5, Hanson, Matt, USA (UNITED STATES)

M6, Skipper, Joe, GBR (UNITED KINGDOM)

M7, Koolhaas, Menno, NLD (NETHERLANDS)

M8, Mignon, Clément, FRA (FRANCE)

M10 Foley, Trevor, USA (UNITED STATES)

M11 Leiferman, Chris, USA (UNITED STATES)

M13, Magnien, Dylan, FRA (FRANCE)

M14, Hoffmann, Jonas, DEU (GERMANY)

M15, Rodriguez Hernandez, Tomas, MEX (MEXICO)

M16, Thompson, Nick, AUS (AUSTRALIA)

M17, Angert, Florian, DEU (GERMANY)

M18, Pohl, Jason, CAN (CANADA)

M19, Stojanović, Ognjen, SRB (SERBIA)

M20, Kallin, Robert, SWE (SWEDEN)

M22, Huerzeler, Samuel, CHE (SWITZERLAND)

M23, Davis, Thomas, GBR (UNITED KINGDOM)

M24, Lopes, Andre, BRA (BRAZIL)

M25, Große-freese, Finn, DEU (GERMANY)

M26, Goetstouwers, Stenn, BEL (BELGIUM)

M27, Szuch, Colin, USA (UNITED STATES)

M28, Ceccarelli, Mattia, ITA (ITALY)

M29, Crudgington, Will, GBR (UNITED KINGDOM)

M30, Feigh, Adam, USA (UNITED STATES)

M31, Stepinski, Jan, USA (UNITED STATES)

M32, Trakic, Strahinja, SRB (SERBIA)

M33, Horsfall-Turner, Andrew, GBR (UNITED KINGDOM)

M35, Plese, David, SVN (SLOVENIA)

M36, Lloyd, Liam, GBR (UNITED KINGDOM)

M37, Lussi, Hunter, USA (UNITED STATES)

M38, Lawicki, Piotr, POL (POLAND)

M39, Wies, Sven, DEU (GERMANY)

M40, Schaffeld, Timo, DEU (GERMANY)

M41, Bach, Elliot, USA (UNITED STATES)

M42, Szala, Tomasz, POL (POLAND)

M43, Pareyn, Pamphiel, BEL (BELGIUM)

M44, Vabaorg, Kevin, EST (ESTONIA)

M45, Shi, Simon, USA (UNITED STATES)

M46, Eaton, Josh, USA (UNITED STATES)

M47, Cosman, Nick, CAN (CANADA)

M49, Mitri, Klodian, USA (UNITED STATES)

M50, Staton, Jonathan, USA (UNITED STATES)

M51, Lukacs, Levente, USA (UNITED STATES)

M52, Pereda, Joaquin, MEX (MEXICO)

M53, Goulet, Adam, USA (UNITED STATES)

M54, Monda, Joshua, USA (UNITED STATES)

M55, Arentz, Finn, GBR (UNITED KINGDOM)

M56, Osswald, Jacob, USA (UNITED STATES)

M57, Weitz, Matti, DEU (GERMANY)

M58, Thelwell, John, USA (UNITED STATES)

M59, Williams, Brice, USA (UNITED STATES)

M60, Killeen, John, USA (UNITED STATES)

M61, Stahl, Lukas, DEU (GERMANY)

M62, Days-Merrill, Taylor, USA (UNITED STATES)

M63, Frank, Alexander, USA (UNITED STATES)

M64, Schuster, Paul, DEU (GERMANY)

M65, Olsson, Erik, SWE (SWEDEN)