What if you had a personal, mindful running coach WHILE you run?

Since Lupa Run started a little over 2 years ago, they have been uniquely focused on building the best personal running coach, ever. One that can truly understand you, guide you and support you achieve your own goals. Whatever those are.

They believe that running is more than just putting your shoes on and going, but a lifelong practice where at each step we keep discovering ourselves. Their vision is to turn your running into a truly immersive experience, uniquely created for you, at each step.

Tired of running apps that simply give you track what you do, they have been combining state-of-the-art running theory & mindfulness publications to develop a smart, personal running coach which learns from you and guides you in real-time.

With Lupa Run, you are guided through bespoke exercises, provided with real-time performance insights, posture & breathing feedback & offered motivation when needed. Their Meditations on-the-go are the perfect solution for when you need to find some headspace, but you don’t want to sit still.

Stay motivated
Lupa Run’s real-time audio coaching is a constant companion; there to motivate and guide you through every step of your run. No matter how wet, windy or dark it gets, you won’t be feeling alone.

Train smarter
Lupa Run will provide you with the perfect running session for each day, with features to set your goals and pace. Choose from Beginners friendly and Mindfulness experiences or enrol in one of their Couch to 5k or 10k & Performance courses.

Get inspired and join Lupa for a run today:
$$ In The Bank – Great session if you are looking for something fun, get some adrenaline and to move a little bit faster.
15 min. Body Scan Run – A short session to re-centre yourself while moving and focusing on the sensations in your body.
A Monday Motivation – Start the week right and set a positive tone for your body and mind.
Sweat & Smile – Well.. the title says it all 😉

Join for Free or upgrade to Premium for only £1.99 for your first month with RUNWITHLUPA.