Smiling man in tri suit runs towards camera, holding the hands of two children, a girl and a boy.
Credit: James Noone/Macmillan

James decided to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary with a difference: in memory of his Dad, Brian, who died of cancer.

Macmillan supported James’ family following his dad’s diagnosis, enabling his mum to care for Brian at home which was really important to James and his family.

James wanted to give back to help other families in similar positions, and so he took on not one but TEN challenges.

Between February and October last year, James completed the London City Winter 10K, Wilmslow Half Marathon, Manchester Marathon, Coast to Coast 171 Skegness to Liverpool in a day, Sandstone Trail 34-mile Ultra Marathon, Gran Paradiso 3 day Summit Expedition (a glacial climb of Italy’s tallest mountain), Ullswater Olympic Triathlon, Coniston End to End 5 mile swim, Midnight Man Half Distance Triathlon and, finally, the Barcelona Ironman.

We’re tired just reading that list! What an incredible achievement completing 10 challenges to raise 10 grand for Macmillan Cancer Support.

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