Three ladies in running kit smile, with medals around their necks
Credit: Macmillan Cancer Support

One year ago this month, Catherine, at 34 years of age, was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Just three months after surgery, when she could barely walk 100m down the hospital corridor, Catherine ran the Battersea Park 10K.

Here is what Catherine had to say about her incredible achievement: “I set myself my 10K challenge whilst lying in my hospital bed post hysterectomy following my cervical cancer diagnosis. I wanted to push my body to do something it couldn’t do before cancer and raise money for Macmillan after their support got me through the mental challenges of my diagnosis.

“I’ve NEVER been a runner and training as well as completing my 10K gave me something to focus on in my recovery. With each run I broke another barrier; a little bit further, a little bit faster, a few less walking breaks.

“Cancer flipped my life upside down and I’m still not feeling back to my normal self. However, the sense of accomplishment from my run training really got me through my hardest days.”

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