A female runner on a coastal path. An image of an app monitoring various metrics is overlaid onto the image.
Credit: MATS

In a ground-breaking development for coaches and athletes, MATS (Most Advanced Training Solution), a cutting-edge German training software, has introduced support for CORE, an innovative body temperature monitoring system. With the integration, athletes gain access to a sleek platform that visualizes core body temperature alongside other key performance metrics including, pace, power, and heart rate.

MATS users can now seamlessly incorporate core temperature data from the CORE sensor into their training analysis. FIT files, capturing crucial performance information, can be effortlessly uploaded manually or synchronized automatically through various connected accounts or services such as Garmin Connect, Strava, and Polar. This streamlined process ensures a hassle-free experience for users keen on optimizing their training regimens.

As the indoor season approaches, athletes and coaches can seize the opportunity to incorporate heat conditioning into their training plans. To celebrate this ground-breaking integration, a special Holiday Sale offers a 20% discount on the CORE Body Temperature Sensor. This limited-time offer is valid until December 15th, providing enthusiasts with a chance to embrace cutting-edge technology at an exclusive price.