Mountain sports lifestyle brand Salomon has partnered with creative advertising agency DDB to unveil its new multi-channel brand campaign — “Welcome Back to Earth.” To broaden global awareness among consumers and connect with younger audiences in key brand epicentres of San Francisco, Shanghai, New York and Paris, the campaign invites new audiences—as well as Salomon brand loyalists—to reconnect with the outdoors. To pique the interest of mountain novices while remaining true to its rich sports heritage, Salomon is debuting a series of inspiring films shot in locations such as Ljubljana and Triglav in Slovenia, and Cortina d’Ampezzo and Monte Lagazuoi in the Italian Dolomites. Inspired by the human truth that being active in natural environments significantly improves mental health, as well as overall wellbeing, quality of life, happiness and life satisfaction, the creative transports tech-overloaded city dwellers to the mountains, welcoming them ‘Back to Earth.’

To produce the Welcome Back to Earth brand film—as well as three more films for its Outdoor, Running and Sportstyle product categories—Salomon called on top industry talent that included directors Martin de Thurah and Elena Petitti di Roreto, along with photographer Jake Jones. Agency side, inspiration came from Alexander Kalchev, Chief Creative Officer at DDB Paris, in collaboration with Salomon Brand Creative Director, Jason Israel.

The full 90-second Welcome Back to Earth brand film debuted on 6th February and can be viewed here. A 30-second version of the brand film will air to Super Bowl LVIII television viewers in New York and San Francisco. The film will also air to Paris area television viewers during the 2024 Olympic Games in that city. In the months ahead, Salomon will unveil the three additional Welcome Back to Earth brand films created around its Outdoor, Running and Sportstyle categories.

Scott Mellin, Global Chief Brand Officer at Salomon, said: “At Salomon, we exist to unleash the best in people through mountain sports. As the world’s most authentic, premium and innovative brand for the mountain sports lifestyle, we’re on a mission to be the most trusted partner for consumers as they embark on, or deepen, their relationship with the mountains and the outdoors.

“Digital connections can dominate our day-to-day lives, and the Welcome Back to
Earth brand films illustrate the innate value of time in the outdoors for our mind
and body. Salomon is proud to offer this invitation to connect with the outdoors
through this campaign.”

Alexander Kalchev, Chief Creative Officer at DDB Paris, added: “Salomon’s brief was clear from the outset: produce a powerful brand story that illustrates the brand mission and appeals to a human need of the day. For us, this meant a clear call to action—invite people to reconnect with nature in its simplest form. From there, we worked in close collaboration to create a visual expression of the alienation many people feel from nature and to offer a clear invitation to embark on an almost spiritual journey back to Earth. Recognizing that even the visual effects had to feel authentic, we gave director Martin de Thurah complete creative freedom to experiment with real-life practical effects. I challenge anyone viewing this film to resist the urge to step outside.