Photo Credit: Simon Dugué

SCOTT Sports has teamed up with the Braveheart Runners Foundation to support up-and-coming athletes in Iten, Kenya for a year of training, and racing in Europe.

Situated in Iten, well-known on the African continent as the “home of champions”, Braveheart Runners Foundation provides scholarships to local athletes to support their growth into elite athletes competing at an international level. As Official Product Partner, SCOTT will equip the athletes in high-performance products as well as financially support the foundation.

Established in 2021, Braveheart Runners Foundation was founded by Alistair Davidson with the objective of giving opportunities to the talented runners of the high-altitude town of Iten, Kenya. At 2,400 metres above sea level, and with endless dirt roads for training, Iten is home to many aspiring runners. Braveheart Runners Foundations’ year-long scholarship program provides the opportunity for local runners to develop and showcase their talents on the world stage.

With the support of SCOTT Sports, the 2022 scholarship will support 4 men and 5 women in focusing on developing their running careers. The scholarship includes living expenses, access to physiotherapy and coaching as well as support at iconic races in Europe.

“Braveheart Runners Foundation is committed to building better lives by empowering talented young runners in Iten, Kenya,” said Alistair Davidson, founder of the Braveheart Runners Foundation.

“Thanks to our partnership with SCOTT, we are not only able to support more runners, but also give them access to the best equipment and events in the world.”

The Braveheart Runners Foundation scholarship athletes will be equipped with SCOTT’s high-performance RC running shoes and apparel, with equipment provided for both trail and road racing.

Cindy Wenger, Running Marketing Manager at SCOTT Sports, said: “Our products are built for performance, and we are delighted to be able to equip the talented runners through the Braveheart Runners Foundation. Their unique talents and the environment in which they train make our range of long-distance and trail shoes the perfect tools in developing their talents. We look forward to a successful race season together.”

Braveheart Runners Team
SCOTT will be documenting the development of the young athletes in new YouTube episodes to be released later this year, from first trainings in Kenya, to road and trail races in Europe. For more behind-the-scenes and insights, the athletes’ journeys can also be followed via SCOTT and Braveheart Runners social media channels.

Find out more about the team here

SCOTT will release three episodes during this year, with the first one to be released in May. The first episode has been filmed in Iten, Kenya, and focuses on the background and origin of the Braveheart Runners Foundation as well as the series’ protagonists.

The second episode will be produced in May to showcase the Braveheart Runners Team racing for the first time in Europe. SCOTT will release this episode in summer.

In the third and last episode for this series, SCOTT will follow the athletes in August at Matterhorn Ultraks in Zermatt, as the event celebrates its 10-year anniversary.

All episodes will be released on the SCOTT Sports YouTube Channel.

Photo Credits: Simon Dugué