Photo Credit: Daniel Geiger

Introducing the ALL-NEW SCOTT Genius trail bike, redesigned from the ground up, and now featuring SCOTT’s patented integrated suspension technology. Ready for ANY TRAIL, ANY TIME.

The SCOTT Genius has sat at the core of the company’s trail bike collection for the last decade. First introduced in 2003, the birth of the Genius marked the start of a cult and manifested SCOTT’s position as an innovation driver in the full-suspension segment. Each iteration of the Genius platform in 2009, 2013 and 2018 respectively raised the bar by introducing technologies and innovations still seen industry wide today.

Throughout, the Genius has always remained true to its DNA: an ultimate trail bike wrapped in a lightweight and versatile package ready for ANY TRAIL, ANY TIME.

Smart suspension, smarter features and the smartest design yet lead to an unbelievable trail bike that just can’t get enough, no matter whether you’re conquering high alpine trails or shredding single track with your buddies.

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