Two watches sit atop rocks in a desert landscape. text on image reads COROS APEX 2 PRO GOBI
Credit: COROS

COROS have launched the APEX 2 Pro Gobi, a limited edition watch that has been inspired by the harsh and unforgiving environment of the Gobi Desert. This watch was designed for those who dare to venture into the toughest terrains, offering advanced navigation features, industry-leading battery life, rugged durability, and more.

The Gobi Desert, known for its arid landscape and extreme conditions, serves as the perfect muse for COROS APEX 2 Pro Gobi. This limited edition watch embodies the spirit of resilience and endurance that this challenging landscape represents.

Key Features of COROS APEX 2 Pro Gobi

Advanced Navigation: Equipped with full offline mapping capabilities and a route creation tool within the COROS app, this watch will be your reliable guide in the wilderness, ensuring you never lose your way, no matter how remote your adventure takes you.
Class-Leading Battery Life: COROS APEX 2 Pro Gobi is designed to last, with a battery life (75 GPS hours / 30 days) that outperforms the competition. You can trust it to keep ticking even on the most extended journeys.
Rugged Durability: Built to withstand the harshest conditions, COROS APEX 2 Pro Gobi has a sapphire glass screen and titanium build to handle the extreme environments you test it with.

Limited Availability

Only 1500 units of COROS APEX 2 Pro Gobi will be produced.

Wherever your next adventure leads, COROS APEX 2 Pro Gobi is the ultimate companion for those who dare to tread where few others would. Embrace the spirit of the Gobi Desert and seize this opportunity to own a watch that reflects the essence of endurance and exploration.

Available for purchase November 9th, 2023 for £449

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