The Wahoo RIVAL Sport Watch just got even better. New features like Sleep Beta, Target Plan, Lap Swimming Drill Mode, STYRD integration, and Colour Zones have been added to create a seamless performance advantage whether training for a race or competing.

First launched in 2020, and powered by proven ELEMNT technology, RIVAL radically simplifies the way you interact with a sports watch so you can focus on the task at hand — your performance. As Wahoo continues to innovate and develop new features, you’ll get access to them too. Just ensure your firmware is up-to-date via the ELEMNT companion app.

Summary of each feature

Sleep Beta: You can now keep track of your sleep using ELEMNT RIVAL. Wear your watch 24/7 to maximise your health insights so you can optimise your recovery and performance. Wahoo will continue to improve this feature via software updates based on feedback from users.

Target Plan: An athlete should have a plan for every workout, but that plan doesn’t have to include a set of specific intervals. Using the Target Plan feature, you can quickly set a target pace, power, heart rate, or cadence and get on-watch feedback indicating how you are tracking against your target. Whatever your goal, RIVAL has you covered.

Lap Swimming Drill Mode: Love to lap? Track your distance and swim pace in the pool when using any other stroke besides freestyle.

STRYD Integration: ELEMNT RIVAL also integrates with the STRYD Running Pod to show you more comprehensive running power data, both in the ELEMNT Companion App and more in-depth analysis via STRYD.

Colour Zones: Ensure you are in the right training zone at a glance with our colour coordinated zones.

You can read more about the Wahoo RIVAL Sports Watch here