What’s included:

Shimano Funnel Kit (£14.99)

  • 100ml Shimano mineral oil
  • Bleed block/rotor tool
  • 2 x syringes
    • 1 x pair of nitrile gloves
    • 2 x cable ties
    • Instructions for use


SRAM Bleeding Edge Kit (£21.99)


• Bleed block/rotor tool
• 100ml DOT 5.1 fluid
• 2 x syringes
• 1 x Torx T10
• Bleeding Edge tool
• 3 x syringe clamps
• 1 x pair of nitrile gloves
• Instructions for use

The guys at Total Bleed Solutions revolutionised and simplified the process of DIY brake bleeding systems for your mountain bikes.


Both the Shimano and SRAM kits arrived well packaged in their own clear bags, within a jiffy bag, with everything you need to complete the job at home in around half an hour. They both include an extensive instruction sheet with a step by step guide, detailing each process individually before moving to the next.

The quality of the included parts is more than ample to be used numerous times on your own, or your friends bikes (providing they’re running the same system), making them a great buy to keep your brakes running smooth.

The Shimano kit took around 30 minutes to bleed both the front and rear brakes and the SRAM kit took around 45 minutes as there is a little more to do. We especially liked the bleeding edge method that Total Bleed Solutions have conceived as this is one of a few non genuine kits on the market at the moment to bleed SRAM brakes.

The process of both kits is a one person job and both kits are clean, with little to no mess of old or new leaking fluid which can make a simple job an expensive one when you end up contaminating you brake discs with the excess that’s dripped down from the syringes.


If we are being picky, the instructions could be a little simpler to read and understand, especially if you aren’t technically minded in regards to what the items are called. Maybe some labels attached to each component would ease any uncertainties.


Overall, we are very impressed with Total Bleed Solutions as a whole. They were kind enough to send us both kits to test and review free of charge, their delivery times are fast (and free in the UK), the items arrived unscathed, the price will be hard to beat for what you get and the kits just work very well on both Shimano and SRAM braking systems.