Stage city for the 11th time, capital of Belgium and headquarters of the European Union, common of the Brussels-Capital region, 180 000 inhabitants (Bruxellois), 1 200 000 inhabitants in the region

Brussels is the city outside France that boasts the most visits by the Tour de France, which has come from neighbouring France ten times in the past. This edition will be an opportunity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first of five general classification victories accomplished by Eddy Merckx, the Belgian cycling legend who left his mark on the Tour de France’s history.

The City of Brussels aims to take part in greater feminisation of public spaces. Last March, for International Women’s Day, inhabitants were invited to send in suggestions of the names of women with a link to Brussels. Among them figured cyclist Hélène Dutrieu, who was world sprint champion in the late 19th century.

Distance: 194.5 km
Climbs: 2
Points for the polka dot jersey: 3
Points for the green jersey: 70

Fictive start: 12:00
Real start: 12:25
Estimated finish: 16:50 – 17:16
Village opening: 9:00