Start Town


Stage city for the 1st time, city of the Hainaut (Belgium) province, 34 000 inhabitants (Binchois)

In 2018, the city welcomed the Belgian road championships which witnessed the victory of Yves Lampaert, allowing him to wear the national jersey on the roads of the Tour de France throughout the month of July.

The Carnival in Binche is an exceptional example of living heritage, an extraordinary popular, human-scale and social event. Furthermore, it was been listed as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2003.

Finish Town


Stage city for the 7th time, sous-préfecture of la Marne (51), 24 000 inhabitants (Sparnaciens)

The capital of champagne welcomed the Tour de France pack for the first time in 1963, on its 50th edition. That day, Eddy Pauwels pulled off a double whammy, winning the stage and taking the lead in the general classification!
On the eve of the end of year festivities, the City of Epernay holds the Habits de Lumière event, which involves three days based on the Champagne region lifestyle. Street theatre, champagne bars, live music and a firework display give rise to a unique and festive atmosphere.

Listed as a “French site of remarkable taste”, the Avenue de Champagne is sometimes considered to be the richest avenue in the world. The most famous street in Epernay is indeed the home to ten of the most illustrious champagne makers who all possess superb renaissance or classical style buildings.

Distance: 215 km
Climbs: 4
Points for the polka dot jersey: 7
Points for the green jersey: 50
Bonus Points: côte de Mutigny (bonus points: 8, 5 and 2 seconds to the first three riders classified)

Fictive start: 12:10
Real start: 12:20
Estimated finish: 17:19 – 17:50
Village opening: 9:15