UKRunChat are pleased to announce Soar Today as their Official Strength & Conditioning partner.

Soar offer personalised strength and conditioning programmes to everyday exercisers and runners that can be completed anywhere and at any time, helping them to avoid injury and perform better.

A collection of strength and conditioning professionals with over three decades of experience, Soar also continue to help some of the world’s best athletes to win Olympic, Paralympic and World Championship titles.

As part of the launch offering with UKRunChat, all runners are invited to take a free risk assessment which measures their injury risk level, followed by a personalised report from Soar with details on how to reduce the risk of injury. The risk assessment can be completed via the Soar website and includes four exercises which examine the physical capability of the foot and ankle, knee, hip, and trunk. There are also short instructional videos showing how to complete the assessments on the website.

A podcast series on strength and conditioning is part of the partnership between UKRunChat and Soar, with the first episode live on Podbean, Apple and Spotify now.

UKRunChat is the place that UK based runners go to on social media to share, encourage, learn, ask a question, get recommendations and grow their support network.

Joe Williams, Founder of UKRunChat, commented: “We are excited about the partnership with Soar Today and to welcome the team as UKRunChat’s Strength & Conditioning Partner. The team at Soar feel passionate about helping athletes to avoid injury, perform better and help them continue doing the things they love. We are looking forward to working together to provide our runners with expert S&C coaching, and to seeing the benefits it will bring to everyone in the UKRunChat community.”

Alex Wolf, Director at Soar Today, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with UKRunChat. Strength and conditioning support is not just for elite athletes, and Soar are dedicated to making impactful training support available and accessible to everyday runners and exercisers so we can all continue to do the things we enjoy most. We know first-hand that prevention is better than cure which shapes our philosophy for physically preparing athletes, and we are looking forward to working with UKRunChat.”

For further information about Soar Today, the free risk assessment and available programmes go to , and follow Soar on Instagram and Twitter.