7 men and 1 woman hold a banner that reads Superhalfs welcomes Berlin. Behind them the Brandenburg Gate is visible, and a road that is full of runners.
From left to right: Carlo Capalbo, President of the organizing committee RunCzech, Prague; Paco Borao, President of the SD Correcaminos and of the Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso; Mark Milde, Race Director GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON; Christian Jost and Jürgen Lock; Managing Directors SCC EVENTS, Berlin; Dorte Vibjerg, adm. Director Sparta Atletik, Copenhagen; Nuno Azevedo, General Director Maratona clube de Portugal, Lisbon; Saso Belovski, Managing Director SuperHalfs, Prague. Credit: SCC EVENTS/Sebastian Wells (OSTKREUZ)

Generali Berlin Half Marathon will be joining the SuperHalfs series from next year.

This will mean there will now be six prestigious races in the series.

Previously, the SuperHalfs consisted of five exceptional races in Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen, Cardiff, and Valencia, where participants had 36 months to complete the series. However, with Generali Berlin Half Marathon, put on by SCC Events, now joining the race lineup, starting in 2024, runners will now have the option to complete all six races, with 60 months from the day of their first race to tick them all off.

All runners will be enlisted on the new six-race SuperJourney, but those who have already begun their adventure will have the option to earn a SuperMedal after completing the existing five races. Runners who have already completed the series don’t have to miss out though, as they will also have the option to extend their adventure by running in Berlin should they wish.

The Managing Directors of SCC Events, Christian Jost and Jürgen Lock, said: “We are delighted to join the SuperHalfs series with the Generali Berlin Half Marathon and welcome runners from around Europe to experience the unique charm of the German capital. This collaboration will create an even more unforgettable race experience and bring our beloved event to a global audience.”

Managing Director of SuperHalfs, Sasho Belovski, added: “Our goal with SuperHalfs has always been to challenge and inspire runners to achieve their personal best while exploring some of Europe’s most captivating cities. We are thrilled to welcome the Berlin Half Marathon into the SuperHalfs family, offering runners an even more diverse and rewarding experience. With six exceptional races, we believe this expansion will ignite even more passion for the sport.”

The SuperHalfs series has already captured the hearts and determination of over 20,000 runners, and with the inclusion of the Generali Berlin Half Marathon, this number is expected to grow even further.

The last race of the 2023 season, the Valencia Half Marathon, will see over 300 dedicated runners complete their fifth and final race, earning them the prestigious SuperRunner title. However, they can, of course, opt to continue their journey and add the stamp of Berlin into their SuperPassport.

The 2024 SuperHalfs series

Lisbon: Sunday, 10 March

Prague: Saturday, 6 April

Berlin: Sunday, 7 April

Copenhagen: Sunday, 15 September

Cardiff: Sunday, 6 October

Valencia: Sunday, 27 October