A montage showing different displays on the Suunto watch for Running, Cycling, Swimming and all sports
Credit: Suunto


The large-screen Suunto Race GPS sports watch – with AMOLED display, advanced training metrics, and detailed offline maps – is designed for athletes who want to improve their performance and challenge themselves. A sports watch perfect for training, competitions, and the time in between!

Some people choose to chill on weekends while performance oriented athletes choose to challenge themselves and enjoy the community vibe in races. Passionate athletes want to reach their personal best, and need a tool they can trust to guide them. With the highest standard of toughness, together with offline maps, training and racing features, SUUNTO RACE provides information on progress and helps to maintain the balance between training and recovery.

“A strong choice for athletes who appreciate a companion at the starting line and don’t want to worry about battery life.” Petri Lehtovirta, Suunto’s Head of Product

The new SUUNTO RACE presents itself with a high resolution 1.43″ AMOLED display and a digital crown that makes accessing the numerous functions quick and easy. To bring the needed confidence on the starting line, the watch comes with improved training metrics. With SUUNTO RACE, one can track their training, recovery and progress easily. By measuring heart rate variability, HRV, one can assess their recovery state and compare their latest values to long-term HRV, and analyse if their recovery is being compromised. The free, detailed maps can be downloaded directly onto the watch so that athletes can always find their route, even offline.

Long battery life

SUUNTO RACE impresses with its battery life: one can train for 40 hours non-stop, with exact GPS tracking, and in daily mode, the watch can last up to 26 days. SUUNTO RACE comes in a titanium and a stainless steel version. Both models are tested according to Suunto standards, they are military tested, and they withstand weather conditions from -20° C to +55° C. The watch is equipped with a robust sapphire crystal glass and is water resistant up to 100 meters.

Detailed data

Athletes can now see a detailed overview of training load, recovery and progress directly on the watch. The statistics provided by the enhanced tracking can be used to ensure that goals are being met each week. Data is compared to the previous weeks’ average, so it is easy to stay on track. By measuring heart rate variability (HRV), athletes can assess their recovery status and compare and analyze their current values with their individual long-term HRV.

Workout companion

For optimizing training, workout plans can be created in Suunto App or partner services and be synced with the watch for real-time coaching and guidance. 95 sport modes and SuuntoPlus™ Store delivers over 50 sport apps directly to your watch. SUUNTO RACE supports various outdoor and indoor sports with more than 95 sport modes. Each sport mode has two to four training views where key statistics are visible during training, as well as a map display when exercising outdoors. New features include Strava segments for sports like running and cycling, and a new movement feature for added metrics when calculating training intensity for weight training and ball sports, for instance.

The ever-growing SuuntoPlus™ Store works like a free app store for Suunto watches, with sport-specific apps for individual needs. Here you can find, amongst other things, tools to
manage training or other functions to get more out of your favorite sport.

The display can be individually adjusted to your own needs, so that during the race one look is enough to get all the important information. Instead of memorizing the race course by heart, the route and most important waypoints can be displayed on the map. When competing in the dark, the bright AMOLED display makes it easier to find the finish line.

Racing functions

Other beneficial functions can be used during races. The RaceTime feature gives an overview of the total time, whether the pace is maintained and how long it will take until the finish. Especially during longer competitions, the nutrition function is extremely helpful. It reminds you to drink in time and sufficiently and to take in nutrients, when necessary. A well-thought-out plan of how to use the aid stations to stay strong and finish well is important.

Whether they want to race against others or race against themselves, the watch offers the tools to help perform better. With SUUNTO RACE, athletes can track their performance, evaluate and assess their progress with general endurance tests such as the classic Cooper test, they can perform an anaerobic running test, run an FTP test or a Beep test. All these tests are available in the Suuntoplus app store.

A long battery life is a crucial criterion in a watch suitable for racing. After all, the longer the race, the more important it is that the athlete can rely on it. Even with the bright AMOLED display, The SUUNTO RACE lasts up to 40 hours with GNSS positioning and maximum accuracy through full power dual band (L5) tracking. In daily mode with activated heart rate measurement up to 10 days.

“The Suunto Race combines the best features of all sports watches. The super bright AMOLED display, combined with a battery life of 40 hours in performance training mode and detailed recording of the most important vital stats – with it I can be sure to stand in top form at the starting line.” Ida-Sophie Hegemann – Professional Trailrunner

Reliable navigation in training and racing

SUUNTO RACE comes with detailed offline maps showing trails, contour lines, waters and all other important landmarks . Global maps are available for free and can be downloaded with Suunto app. With navigation features like route navigation and breadcrumbs, the watch guides athletes on new and old routes so they can focus on their training without getting lost.

Recovery companion

Even when not training or competing, SUUNTO RACE provides information about the general well-being and important daily activity information. It supports a healthy and active lifestyle with information about the recovery phase, steps, calories, heart rate, sleep and much more. It provides at-a-glance information about current weather conditions and the weather forecast. With its music controls, you can easily select your preferred music, adjust volume, pause, or skip songs.