The following article was written by the founders of Rawvelo, UK Run Chat’s Official Nutrition Partner, the 100% plant-based, organic, natural sports nutrition that’s better for you – and the planet too.

As cyclists, we’ve always taken the food that we eat seriously, but we struggled to find sports nutrition products that met our needs when training or racing. What was available was loaded with preservatives, refined sugars and ingredients that claimed to ‘deliver’ energy fast with seemingly no thought given to how damaging this could be to your long-term performance, let alone your health. So, we decided to go about doing things the ‘old fashioned’ way, the way that athletes of a bygone era had done, eating dried fruits, nuts, bananas – to eat real, raw food.

We soon found that by consuming a balance of natural whole foods we were still able to ride just as well as when using preservative filled products but felt healthier and recovered much faster.

Rawvelo was born from our desire to be clean athletes paired with our passion for cycling. To reconnect with nature, to eat the most nutritious food we can to fuel our sport. Our belief that there is a different way to do things, a way that takes into account the long term nutritional benefits of what we eat while giving back to the planet at the same time. Knowing that it is not just about “food in equals energy out” regardless of the consequences.

We worked closely with cycling teams & ultra endurance athletes to further develop our products and ensure that they maintained the highest levels of performance demanded by their chosen discipline. In fact, the products proved so effective that athletes from other endurance sports began to take an interest in our approach. From there, things changed. Runners, swimmers, triathletes, even surfers and gym-goers who were making more health and planet conscious decisions about what sports nutrition they purchased, became part of the Rawvelo community.

We’ve debated changing our name over the years to reflect this, but that would mean giving up a piece of our history and turning our back on where we started. So, while we’re keeping the name Rawvelo, rest assured we’re ready to power any adventure.

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